Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Still hunting down the *perfect* gift for someone this holiday season? We know the feeling — you’re counting down the days, hoping that a lightning of Christmas inspiration might still hit you yet… Don’t leave it up to fate, not when we’ve done the job for you and picked out some of the most gift-able books from 2022! Keep scrolling for fiction, graphic novels, sports, lifestyle books, and more…


The Trees by Percival Everett

9781914391170 / Influx Press / PB / £9.99

Shortlisted for the 2022 Booker Prize and winning the 2022 Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize, The Trees is a brilliant and evocative page-turner that opens with a series of murders in the rural town of Mississippi. Both fast-paced and powerfully written, Everett’s novel makes a brilliant gift for fiction fanatics.

After Sappho by Selby Wynn Schwartz

9781913111243 / Galley Beggar Press / PB / £9.99

Another one from the Booker Prize lists; Selby Wynn Schwartz’s brilliant literary novel was longlisted for this year’s prize, and is an imaginative gem that readers can get lost in. Taking you through the female trailblazers of literary history, After Sappho speaks to what it means, and can mean to be a woman writer in the past, present, and future.

Cocoon by Zhang Yueran & translated by Jeremy Tiang

9781912987283 / World Editions / PB / £13.99

Zhang Yueran — one of China’s most influential young writers — tells the story of a new generation coming to terms with China’s past. With hypnotic prose and a fresh voice, your literary friends and family members will adore this irresistible novel.

Graphic Novels

Berserk Deluxe Volume 11 by Kentaro Miura

9781506727554 / Dark Horse / HB / £47.99

The latest deluxe volume of adult horror manga, Berserk collects volumes 31-33, along with three fold-out colour posters. We also stock the rest of the hefty deluxe series, which comes in a gorgeous and collectable hardback format. Known as one of the best mangas of all time, Berserk Deluxe is a great gift for fans of manga and adult horror!

Marvel Platinum: The Definitive Black Panther Reloaded

9781804910405 / Panini / PB / £19.99

Following on from yet another smash hit movie for the Black Panther franchise, this definitive platinum collection brings together the very best stories from the characters and Wakanda’s 50+ year history. Includes the origins of Wakanda, events of the most recent movies, and more of the concepts and culture behind the Black Panther series. This would make an incredible gift for comic fans of all ages!

One Beautiful Spring Day by Jim Woodring

9781683965558 / Fantagraphics / PB / £49.99

This mesmerizingly mind-bending odyssey from Eisner-nominated and Harvey prize winner Jim Woodring, is an opus of comics mastery. One Beautiful Spring Day combines the previous stories from 30 years of Woodring character ‘Everyman’, along with 100 pages of brilliant new stories — beautifully designed and produced to make the perfect gift!

Arts and Entertainment

A FEW COLLECTORS by Pierre Le-Tan, translated by Michael Z. Wise

9781954404045 / New Vessel Press / £20.99

Beloved artist Pierre Le-Tan takes readers on an illustrated adventure around Paris’ most extravagant art collectors, with curious tales of intriguing — and sometimes troubled — figures in the art world. This gorgeously whimsical hardcover from New Vessel Press would make the perfect gift for any art fans or collectors in your life.

Film Noir Portraits, edited by Paul Duncan and Tony Nourmand

9781909526815 / Reel Art Press / HB / £49.95

Featuring exquisite black and white photography from the Film Noir era, this book transports you to another time, and what often feels like another world. Within the photographs featured you’ll find romance, atmosphere, and timeless imagery that will take your breath away. Excellent for fans of film photography and cinema.

I Want Orgasms, Not Roses by Eva Szombat

9783969000977 / Kehrer Verlag / HB / £29.00

This collection of portraits and interviews on female sexuality is the ultimate gift for the rebellious feminist in your life. Szombat interviews women on their sex lives, photographing their toys and themselves. Laying bare many truths about desire, trauma, shame, and modern sexual politics, this book is not only visually delicious, but also deeply moving.

The Healing Power of Nature: Vincent van Gogh

9781914613043 / September Publishing / Flexibound / £11.99

‘If one truly loves nature one finds beauty everywhere’. An ideal gift for artists and nature lovers alike, The Healing Power of Nature gathers inspirational quotes and sketches from van Gogh to help enhance and open up the reader’s perspective on the natural world. This beautiful book is a timeless treasure.


Believe: The Unofficial Colouring Book for Fans of Ted Lasso by Valentin Ramon

9781646045150 / Ulysses Press / £10.99

We all have at least a few friends who haven’t been able to stop talking about beloved fictional football coach Ted Lasso. With this colouring book, they’ll be able to disappear into their favourite scenes and sets from the hit show!

Modern Witch Tarot Jigsaw Puzzle by Lisa Sterle

9781912634521 / Liminal 11 / £21.99

Perfect for puzzle-enthusiasts, as well as the witches in your life, Modern Witch Tarot Jigsaw Puzzle is a gorgeous, colourful and fun puzzle based on the iconic Modern Witch Tarot deck!

Cross Stitch or Die Tryin’: 30 Patterns for Hip Hop Lovers by Kate Blandford

9789188369703 / Dokument Press / PB / £12.99

This title needs little introduction, Cross Stitch or Die Tryin’ is an iconic collection of over 30 patterns combining Hip Hop and cross stitch! With easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tricks, this gift is perfect for cross-stitchers of any level.

Animation and Film Art

Heavy Metal Presents: The Tolkien Art of The Bothers Hildebrandt by Brothers Hildebrandt

9781955537339 / Heavy Metal Entertainment / Calendar / £28.99

The Hildebrandt brothers were the genius illustrators behind the 1976 Lord of the Rings calendar, which gave the world its first glimpse of Hobbits, Orcs and Middle Earth. Now, their stunning fantasy illustrations are available as a 2023 calendar for all Tolkien and fantasy fans to relish every single month of the year!

Studio Ghibli: The Complete Works

9781647291495 / Vertical / HB / £32.99

This books takes Ghibli fans on an in-depth journey through the creations of the legendary anime studio. With introductions to all 26 acclaimed films, characters, movie posters, and more, as well as an exclusive interview with director Goro Miyazaki, this would be a gem of a gift for lovers of the classic movies.

The Art of Masters of The Universe Revelation by Mattel

9781506728186 / Dark Horse / HB / £47.99

This one of a kind, oversized hardcover dives deep into the world of Masters of the Universe. Through art and commentary from the animators and creators of the show, this book is the ultimate guide to Netflix’s hit show.


The Abide Guide: Living Like Lebowski (Special Edition)

9781646044016 / Ulysses Press / PB / £15.99

The cult of Lebowski hasn’t dwindled since its release 25 years ago, and to celebrate the 25th anniversary show Oliver and Eutsey have recreated their original Abide Guide. This book features hilarious, helpful, and surprisingly profound advice on how to live life closer to the philosophies of the Dude.

You’re Funny For A… by Sophia Zarders

9781945509995 / Silver Sprocket / PB / £13.99

You’re Funny For Ais an engaging, illustrated guide to Trans comedians, Non-Binary comics, and funny Women. Showcasing emerging talent and well-loved icons alongside fun illustrations, this would make a fabulous gift for any comedy-lover.

We See The Sights by Miriam Elia and Ezra Elia

9781739144203 / Dung Beetle Books / HB / £9.99

Following on from Miriam and Ezra’s hit We Do Lockdown this satirical take on London sight-seeing will make your friends and family chuckle. This book takes you through post-covid London through 1960s tourist illustrations and hilarious, sarcastic commentary.

Lifestyle & Spirituality

Hagitude by Sharon Blackie

9781914613098 / September Publishing / HB / £16.99

Rich with the combination of myth, landscape and eco-feminism, Hagitude reclaims the mid-years as a liberating, alchemical moment — from which to shift into your chosen, authentic and fulfilling future. This radical book is an uplifting and empowering gift for women of any age.  

Houseplant Tarot by Minerva Siegel & illustrated by Andrea Campos

9781646043323 / Ulysses Press / Cards / £28.99

For tarot and plant lovers, Minerva Siegel and Andrea Campos have created this dun and colourful deck of tarot cards! With a selection of houseplants representing both traditional and contemporary interpretations of the cards, this makes for an adorable and magical gift!

For more spiritual and witchy gift ideas, head to our other blog post!

An Opinionated Guide to Vegan London by Emmy Watts and Sara Kiyo Popowa, with photography by Sam Harris

9781914314315 / Hoxton Mini Press / PB / £10.95

Your vegan friends will ADORE this fabulous guide to the best vegan food spots in London. From dirty burgers to superfood bowls, fine dining to cheese mongers, they’ll have plenty of places to explore and drool over!

Biography and Memoir

Joan Didion: The Last Interview

9781685890117 / Melville House / PB / £12.99

This collections dives deep into the life and work of iconic writer Joan Didion, featuring her conversations with Sheila Heti, Hilton Als, Dave Eggers, and many more. Gift this book to fans of the beloved, respected, and thought-provoking writer.

Women of Walt Disney Imagineering

9781368021951 / Disney Editions / HB / £28.99

A dozen woman imagineers recount their trailblazing careers in a male-dominated world, covering their unique perspectives, personal stories, and experiences designing and building this empire of theme parks. Also illustrated with the women’s drawings, photos, archive materials, and more, any Disney fan would be ecstatic to find this under their tree.

Waxing On: The Karate Kid and Me By Ralph Macchio

9780593185834 / Dutton / HB / £20.99

The star of The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai, Ralph Macchio has written this joyful and celebratory reflection on the legacy of The Karate Kid. For fans of the film and the show, this book will give them inside stories from behind the scenes, and provide some much-needed warm, fuzzy nostalgia!


Wimbledon 2022: The Official Story of the Championships by Paul Newman

9781913412395 / Vision Sports Publishing / HB / £25

For those tennis-obsessed people in your life, we’ve got the official annual, which reviews this year’s spell-binding fortnight of tennis at Wimbledon. With stunning images from the tournament, and the whole story from this year’s games, you can’t go wrong getting this for the tennis fans in your life.

Diego Maradona: The Last Interview by Diego Maradona

9781612199733 / Melville House / PB / £12.99

This book is a series of moving, provocative, and illuminating interviews with Diego Maradona, one of the greatest footballers of all time. Spanning the breadth of his career, this instalment in the Last Interview series is the perfect gift for your favourite footie fans.

Three Lions on a Shirt

9781913412067 / Vision Sports Publishing / HB / £40

Another one for the footie fans — Three Lions on a Shirt is the ultimate guide to the history of the iconic England football jersey. This book tells the story of the shirt’s history and the impressive players who’ve donned it, all the way back to the first ever international in 1872. With plenty of photographs from across history, this is a fabulous gift for any football fanatic.

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