The Best Holiday Gifts for Every Type of Witch: Tarot Cards, Self-Love Guides, Journals, Spell Books & More

With Yule (Winter Solstice), Hannukah, Christmas, and other holidays right round the corner, you might be wondering — what should I buy for the brilliant, magical witches in my life? Whether picking something up for friends, family, lovers, coven members, or even yourself, we’ve got a comprehensive list of some of the most giftable books, tarot cards and journals available in the world of witchcraft!

Below you’ll find categories covering spiritual healing & self-love, alchemy & herbalism, astrology & connection to the natural world, and beginner-friendly guides that cover a broad range of topics.

Spiritual Healing & Self-Love

Longer nights, colder days and more time spent inside — winter is an excellent time to delve deep into self-reflection. For anyone who might benefit from some guidance through self-discovery or internal spiritual work, these would all make a deeply thoughtful and touching gift.

The Little Book of Rootwork

By Paris Ajana

A Beginner’s Guide to Hoodoo – Including Candle Magic, Rituals, Crystals, Herbs, and More

9781646041879 | HB | ULYSSES PRESS | £18.99 | Available 4/14/2022

The Little Book of Rootwork, also known as hoodoo or conjure, is an African-American folk magic influenced by a blend of African beliefs, traditions, and cultures. Includes step-by-step guidance for over 80 rituals, spells, and techniques that can help manifest your goals and transform your life. Written by a descendant of African-American and Filipino rootworkers, Paris Ajana (also known as the Hoodoo Goddess) guides you on a spiritual journey, teaching a variety of skills.

Spiritus Mundi

By Elizabeth Sulis Kim, Kaitlyn Copithorne & Various

9781912634460 | HB | LIMINAL 11 | £14.99 | Available 10/20/2022

Writings Borne from the Occult

An anthology of prose and poetry, Spiritus Mundi aims to reveal the connection between imagination and the divine. In this incredible anthology, editor Elizabeth Sulis Kim — feature writer for The Guardian and The Los Angeles Review of Books, and editor of Cunning Folk Magazine — unlocks the mysteries of this realm through topical writing prompts.

The 369 Manifestation Journal

By Berni Johnson

A 52-Week Guide to Using Divine Numbers and Law of Attraction Techniques to Manifest Your Desires

9781646043613 | HB | ULYSSES PRESS | £15.99 | Available 8/18/2022

Inside The 369 Manifestation Journal you’ll learn all about the history of the law of attraction, the connection to Nikola Tesla, and how to use the 369 manifestation technique. Dive into weekly journal prompts and affirmations designed to help you unite with the universe and fill your next year with everything you desire!

The Self-Love Planner

By Shainna Ali

Reflection Prompts, Empowering Exercises, and Daily Inspiration for Your Personal Growth Journey (Undated Monthly/Weekly Planner)

9781646043583 | HB | ULYSSES PRESS | £28.99 | Available 9/15/2022

The benefits of prioritising yourself are vast, but the journey to true empowerment and happiness is much easier said than done. The Self-Love Planner is your guide to embracing a healthy mindset and finding self-love in each and every day. This keepsake hardcover planner will lay the foundations of self-love over the course of a year and give you the tools you need to maintain your self-love journey for many more to come.

The Wheel

By Jennifer Lane

A Witch’s Path Back to the Ancient Self

9781914613203 | PB | SEPTEMBER PUBLISHING | £10.99 | Available 10/6/2022

One recent winter office-worker Jennifer Lane reached breaking point in her fast-paced working life. In the year that followed her stress related illness she set out to rediscover the solace and purpose witchcraft had given her as a teenager. But how to combine this with the modern world, the need to work and the intrusive demands of digital connectivity? The Wheel is an immersive, engaging read — exploring the childhood draw of the black arts and our vulnerability to toxic working relationships and digital demands, full of wise words, crackling rituals and nature.

Alchemy & Herbalism

The uses for kitchen witchery, herbalism, natural healing, and alchemy are endless. From cultivating a non-toxic home, to homemade remedies, and the powers of natural resources — these books explore it all and offer you some brilliant recipes as well.

Kitchen Witch

By Katie Haegele & Nadine Schneider

Natural Remedies and Crafts for Home, Health, and Beauty

9781648410413 | HB | MICROCOSM PUBLISHING | £18.99 | Available 1/27/2022

Natural living for Witches! Learn about the versatile uses of common household ingredients like apple cider vinegar, and recipes to make your own personal care products like makeup remover, scrubs and mouthwash. This zine has you covered with how-tos on making your own cleaning supplies without all those nasty chemicals, including tips for harvesting and preserving your own herbs.

Culpeper’s complete Herbal

By Nicholas Culpeper & Dr. JJ Pursell

9781648411670 | PB | MICROCOSM PUBLISHING | £21.99 | Available 12/15/2022

For the last 350 years, since the reign of Elizabeth I, Nicholas Culpeper’s encyclopedic compendium of the uses and properties of medicinal herbs has been unrivaled in completeness or charm. From Adder’s Tongue to Yarrow, each of the 411 herbs is described in detail, along with its ‘government and virtues,’ remedies and cautions — much of which has held up remarkably well through many advancements in scientific understanding.

African American Herbalism

By Lucretia VanDyke

A Practical Guide to Healing Plants and Folk Traditions

9781646043521 | PB | ULYSSES PRESS | £15.99 | Available 10/13/2022

African American Herbalism takes you through the origins of herbal practices rooted in African American tradition — from Ancient Egypt and the African tropics to the Caribbean and the USA. Inside you’ll find the stories of healers like Emma Dupree and Henrietta Jeffries, who made modern American herbalism what it is today. After rediscovering the forgotten legacies of these healers, African American Herbalism dives into the important contributions they made to the world of herbalism. You’ll also find a comprehensive guide to the most commonly used herbs, alongside gorgeous botanical illustrations.

Astrology & Natural Connection

A core element of witchcraft is cultivating your connection to the natural world. There are countless ways to do so, and the following books all provide brilliant perspectives and ways of connecting to nature. Earth Color takes the reader on a eight week artistic course to help develop a closer connection to nature; the practical almanac gives you countless tools; and the book of moons and seasons for any lunar witches!

The Practical Witch’s Almanac 2023

By Friday Gladheart

9781648411144 | PB | MICROCOSM PUBLISHING | £14.99 | Available 08/12/2022

The Practical Witch’s Almanac is your personal guide for the year. Celebrate the Sabbats and work with the energy of the moon to achieve your goals. This edition has everything you’ve come to depend on including:

• Sabbats, exact Cross-Quarters & Holidays

• Moon Phases & Astrological Signs

• Meteor Showers, Blue Moons & Eclipses

• Trivia & Historical Tidbits

• Weekly Psychic Insights

• Monthly Study Guides

• Magical Correspondence for: herbs, stones, crystals, colours, tarot cards, runes, and more.

• And of course, Spells, Rituals, Meditations, Exercises, and Recipes.

This year’s theme is Infinite Spells. Spells for many occasions are included and each is broken down to show you how they work

The Book of Moons and Seasons

By Hannah McDonald

9781912634408 | PB | LIMINAL 11 | £14.99 | Available 5/24/2022

The moon is the keeper of time and seasons, marking when to sow the seed and when to harvest, when to celebrate and when to fast, when to sleep and when to rise. Across the world and throughout history, different cultures have used the moon to herald festivities and religious occasions. As a timekeeper, the moon holds a special significance in our lives. The Book of Moons and Seasons is an essential companion for any witch, to help them connect with our lunar source of energy.

Earth Color

By Emma Burleigh

An Eight Week Course for Nature-Connection

9781912634484 | PB | LIMINAL 11 | £12.99 | Available 17/05/2022

In this eight week mixed-media art course, Earth Color teaches you how to engage your creativity in a journey of mindful contemplation. Fresh from the success of Soul Color, Emma Burleigh imparts her knowledge through carefully crafted activities, offering tips and tricks from her 20 years as an art teacher. Featuring contributions from a range of artists offering insights into different styles and techniques, Earth Color is more than a ‘how to’ book: it’s an education in nature itself.

Beginner-Friendly Guides

Whether buying for a baby witch, or someone more seasoned, these guides all contain perspectives, histories, and spells that they will delight in! Aside from being wells of knowledge, these books are gorgeously designed and make a stunning addition to any witch’s bookshelf.

Recreational Witchcraft

By Lyra Black

9781912634453 | HB | LIMINAL 11 | £14.99 | Available 01/12/2022

Recreational Witchcraft is ideal for beginner witch and a great addition for seasoned sorcerers looking for inspiration. This book includes practical spells, bath magic, self-love rituals, tarot ideas and more, all stored in a gorgeous hardback book with full colour illustrations and with Lyra’s friendly and sometimes humorous writing style keeps ancient rituals approachable and fun!

The Modern art of brujeria

By Lou Florez

A Beginner’s Guide to Spellcraft, Medicine Making, and Other Traditions of the Global South

9781646043194 | PB | ULYSSES PRESS | £16.99 | Available 07/06/2022

This is not your abuela’s brujeria. This modern take on traditional witchcraft will introduce newcomers to the unique and vibrant traditions of magical practice. Drawing inspiration from Latin American and Afro-Caribbean regions, The Modern Art of Brujeria takes readers on a journey through spirituality. Touching on historical colonial impact, this book offers new approaches to practising traditional magic that support and uplift cultures that were once oppressed for their beliefs.

Novice Witches and apprentice wizards

By Francesca Matteoni & (Illustrated by) Elisa Macellari

An Essential Handbook of Magic

9781912634552 | HB | LIMINAL 11 | £14.99 | Available 15/09/2022

Novice Witches and Apprentice Wizards is an exciting delve into the history of witchcraft and a directory of the tools, sacred objects, animal familiars and classic spells associated with the craft. This book will take you through the folklore and history of each topic. Francesca has created a modern masterpiece thanks to her years of study and teaching on the subject of witchcraft, religion and magic. All that knowledge makes Novice Witches and Apprentice Wizards a must have title for the modern witch and wizard, and those looking to further their study into the origins of witchcraft.

Divination and Tarot

It is a tradition often still practiced today, that a witch never buys their own deck of oracle or tarot cards. Tarot cards make a wonderful gift for any occasion, and we’ve got a range that’ll blow their socks off. We’ve the Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot to help you connect with your own intuition, a step-by-step guide for creating and colouring your own tarot deck, and more unique decks and guides for whatever your witch desires.

The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot

By Linzi Silverman

9781646043040 | ULYSSES PRESS | £26.99 | Available 20/01/2022

Rich in deep symbolism, this deck lifts from the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith, using its narrative to provide balance in the light and dark of life. The goddesses depicted by The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot are archetypal composites from various cultures, becoming those we may recognise in each other and within our personal histories. They embody the timeless Divine Feminine spirit we all possess, regardless of gender or ethnic constructs. It infuses each of us with empathy, intuition, creativity, nurturing, sensuality, power, strength, and wisdom. Through working with The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot, you will discover your own power and magic as well as learn to trust in your intuition.

Houseplant Tarot

By Minerva Siegel & Andrea Campos

A 78-Card Deck of Adorable Plants and Succulents for Magical Guidance

9781646043323 | ULYSSES PRESS | £28.99 | Available 10/05/2022

Whether you’re growing a personal rainforest of plants or raising a smaller, more modest plant-family, the Houseplant Tarot deck is here to help you use your passion for houseplants to get in touch with your own intuition. This modern take on the traditional 78-card Rider-Waite tarot deck combines authenticity and respect for the traditional themes and interpretations of tarot with a bit of plant-parent humour. With a fun and friendly tone similar to decks such as Cat Tarot and Kawaii Tarot, the Houseplant Tarot deck is the perfect gift for plant lovers and tarot enthusiasts of all experience levels.

The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck

By Maggie Wilson & Ejiwa Ebenebe

9781912634422 | LIMINAL 11 | £23.99 | Available 8/25/2022

Connection with self, body, and universe is essential to mindful practice — and yet we often struggle to make time to reconnect with ourselves. There are times for realism, and there are times for our imagination to take hold. The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck is designed to help you tap into your intuition, encouraging reflection and opening the third eye through herbal healing.

Sacred Feminine Oracle Cards: Create and Colour

By Anne-Sophie Casper & Marion Blanc

33 Customizable Cards and Step-by-Step Guidebook for Channeling the Divine

9781646044115 | ULYSSES PRESS | £16.99 | Available 20/10/2022

These 33 customisable, black-and-white oracle cards are made out of sturdy matte paper, perfect for colouring with pens, coloured pencils, markers, and more. Once you personalise this deck with creative colours and designs, use the one-of-a-kind oracle cards to discover the divine guidance you need for improving your health, happiness, relationships, and life. Each deck includes a helpful companion guidebook full of details on various goddesses, and instructions on how to best use your deck.

The Poet’s Tarot

By Josep Miquel Sobrer

9781912634545 | HB | LIMINAL 11 | £12.99 | Available 22/11/2022

‘The day is perfect. The thousand little things that go wrong make it complete. The sea is littered with dead seaweed. On the beach, shoeless, you’ve just stepped on a glob of tar; its insistent pulp clings to your toes. But you don’t care. You accept the peskiness of the fly and the distraction of the mongrel sniffing your leg. Such is the world: always more beautiful than the perfect utopias contrived by your wishes.’  A revered text, reproduced with the flare of Liminal 11! The Poet’s Tarot by Josep Miquel Sobrer is a wholehearted celebration of tarot, its history, sacred geometry, symbolism, and archetypes.

luna sol: healing through tarot guidebook

By Kay Medaglia & Darren Shill

9781912634316 | PB | LIMINAL 11 | £12.99 | Available 20/10/2022

The Luna Sol: Healing Through Tarot is an interactive colouring + activity experience for tarot lovers and fans of The Luna Sol Tarot deck. Featuring The Luna Sol Tarot artwork you know and love, plus all-new illustrations inspired by the cards’ symbolism, this is far more than your average colouring book. It’s packed with exclusive deep insights into the cards — not found in the guidebook! — and activities and journal prompts that will improve your intuition and mindfulness practice. The Luna Sol: Healing Through Tarot is themed off a reflective and healing deck enjoyed by diverse communities looking for a moment of much needed selfcare in a fast-moving world.

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