2018 Queerlit: Sodom Road Exit by Amber Dawn

A supernatural erotic thriller that is basically Jenn’s new crush…

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Hellboy: The Complete Short Stories Vol.1 – A big collection of fiendishly good tales

Tales from the pages of Hellboy abound in this latest collection from Dark Horse.

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2018 Queerlit: Marriage of a Thousand Lies by SJ Sindu

SJ Sindu’s debut novel about what it means to be South Asian and queer is basically just really, really good…

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Turnaround’s Top Trumps

A roundup of our top Trump books, ahead of the US President’s impending visit to the UK.

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The League of Extraordinary Gentleman Volume 4: The Tempest #1 – Two legendary comic careers come to a close…

Leo takes a look at the first chapter of The League of Extraordinary Gentleman final series…

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The Revolution Will Be Virtualised – Defying Reality

David Ewalt explores the past, present, and future of virtual reality.

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In Defence of Identity Politics – The Marginalized Majority

The time for change is now, argues Onnesha Roychoudhuri.

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Grand Blue Dreaming – an insane new comedy from the creator of Baka and Test…

Leo takes a look at the latest series from Kenji Inoue…

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July BOTM – The Emperor of Shoes by Spencer Wise

Spencer Wise explores family legacy and obligation in our July Book of the Month.

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July Graphic Novel of the Month – Dull Margaret

Our Graphic Novel of the Month for July is the comic book debut of Academy Award winner Jim Broadbent.

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