Helvetica Standard Bold: More manga madness from the creator of Nichijou…

Leo takes a look at this new collection of manga strips from Keiichi Arawi…

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What (Really) Happened from Haymarket Books

Danny Katch writes about the aftermath of Trump’s election…

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What My Girlfriends Told Me: a tribute to friendship

Tanyel previews the perfect pick-me-up book to give to your female friends.

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Comics For A Strange World: A Book of Poorly Drawn Lines (that are skillfully timed)

Reza Farazmand opens Tanyel’s eyes to the bizarre humour of graphic novels.

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It’s Black history month – here are 10 ace books by people of colour!

From poignant speeches to rousing satire to touching novels, we’ve got you covered…

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Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens: Splice and Dice

Leo tries to avoid the crossfire as Judge Dredd encounters two of film’s most feared villains…

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October Graphic Novel of the Month – Overwatch: Anthology Volume 1

This month’s graphic novel pick is a new anthology based on the hit first person shooter video game…

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October Book of the Month: As a God Might Be by Neil Griffiths

The Book of the Month for October is the spellbinding novel from Neil Griffiths, our first title from exciting new publishers Dodo Ink.

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Win a copy of Dark Horses written by the internationally bestselling author of GOSSIP GIRL!

Sarah celebrates the release of Dark Horses with a giveaway!

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Introducing Bog Eyed Books – our newest children’s publisher!

Sarah is ridiculously excited to be announcing our newest children’s publisher!

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