The Birth of Eurovision! A History of Modern Europe Through the World’s Greatest Song Contest

Sarah reflects on the annual Eurovision Song Contest with Chris West…

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The Songs of Trees – David Haskell

Clare takes a walk into the woods with David Haskell to listen to nature’s greatest connectors…

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NXT: The Future Is Now – An in-depth look at one of WWE’s most exciting projects…

Leo – fresh from a trip to Wrestlemania in Orlando -takes a look at this guide to one of WWE’s top brands…

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Lightswitches Are My Kryptonite EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW!!

Ahead of its publication tomorrow Rachel offers you a sneak preview of a new novel that’s really made an impact on her.

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What Will it Take for Steve the Horse to Become Exceptional??

Sarah has fun with Steve the Horse as he seeks to become extraordinary!

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Toppu GP 1 – The creator of Oh My Goddess explore his love of motorcycling…

Leo checks out Kosuke Fujishima latest manga series…

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Celebrating Canada’s 150th with The Big Book of Canada!

Sarah uncovers the great country of Canada in celebration of their upcoming 150th Anniversary…

April 6, 2017

Preview of One Gun Ranch Malibu

Enjoy a preview of Alice Bamford and Ann Eysenring’s One Gun Ranch Malibu, a guide to biodynamic farming and cooking.

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April Book of the Month: Requiem for the American Dream by Noam Chomsky

Turnaround MB Bill Godber tells us why this powerful new work from Noam Chomsky will be much coveted by UK readers…

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April Graphic Novel of the Month: Amazing Spider-Man: Clone Conspiracy

Leo tells us about this bold, controversial Spider-Man arc and why you should definitely read it…

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