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Turnaround has been distributing books in the UK and overseas since 1984. As you can imagine, everyone who works here is a veritable book-nut. Hundreds of books pass through our hands each month in every genre you can think of (and some you probably can’t).

We’re incredibly enthusiastic about everything that comes with pages. We spend a lot of the working day talking about books, writing about books, and going to bookish events.

The Turnaround Blog is our place to share all this with you. Whether you’re a publisher, bookseller, reviewer or a general book lover, stick around for regular reviews of everything from manga and comics to literary fiction and crime. Plus reading lists, author interviews, bookseller spotlights, and pretty much anything and everything that relates to the book industry, and the amazing things (and people!) that go into it.

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  1. Hi. What is the best way to query you about posting a review of my new cyberpunk book, Hemispheres? I see that you do book reviews, but I’m not sure how to query you since I don’t see a contact page. Thanks!

    Mark Everglade

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