What My Girlfriends Told Me: a tribute to friendship


Sometimes all it takes is talking to a trusted friend for a change of perspective. We’ve all been there. That pep talk making you realise that no, you don’t need to care about that trivial thing, or try too hard with that person whose company you don’t even enjoy, or even bother with things that don’t make you feel as good as these loyal friends you turn to do.

That’s what Sonja Bajic’s What My Girlfriends Told Me is; a collection of friends that are ready with advice on how to deal with that guy and other everyday stresses. Perhaps the pink jacket is a little stereotypical of female aesthetics, but inside this pocket-sized book are pages of illustrated women with tips, opinions and advice.

With 130 offerings of wisdom, you’ll certainly recognise many of the words inside, whether you’ve said them yourself to a friend or a friend has said them to you, but you’re also bound to stumble upon something important you needed reminding of. This would make a great gift for a friend in need of a pick-me-up, given over a cup of tea and catch up conversation.

Sonja opens with an anecdote about a female stranger stopping her when she was once crying in public, and the stranger made a heart sign with her hands. The essence of this story – a stranger empathising and doing something small that significantly brightens your day – is familiar to me. From the drunken stranger crying in the women’s toilets to the woman panicking on the train, there is something about seeing a friendly female face offering to help that makes these situations better. Often, it is these passersby that offer those pearls of wisdom that make a lasting impression. Sonja wraps up female friendships and support in one petite, powerful package.

For a preview of the inside of the book, check out our Instagram post.

What My Girlfriends Told Me by Sonja Bajic is published by September Publishing in March 2018. 9781910463796, h/b, £9.99.


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