Comics For A Strange World: A Book of Poorly Drawn Lines (that are skillfully timed)

I’m not a fan of comics. However, when this book arrived on my desk, I couldn’t help but keep dipping and and out of it.

The style of the drawings is simple, but cute and cartoon-ish. The characters range from humans, to animals, to ghosts. (I really like the ghost’s story).

They may be called ‘poorly drawn lines’, but Reza Farazmand’s drawings are entirely skillful. Commenting on our strange world in a humorous and lighthearted way makes this book of mini stories gripping – not in terms of how we’d normally use the word for a thriller for example, but I found myself finishing one story and wanting to continue onto the next because of how short and nifty they are.

The humour is what really needs to be praised here. This borders on being a social satire as recognisable scenarios are depicted and made fun of through direct, though not quite deadpan, phrasing. It puts modern day worries into perspective, and serves to remind just how strange our everyday habits and obsessions really are…

Comics For A Strange World is aptly timed and deserves an audience that flocks around it, like we do for the latest iPhone… (another strange part of our world – see page 91).

Comics For A Strange World, published by Plume, p/b, £14.99, 9780735219885

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