Wedding Season is All Booked Up

It’s June, and everybody knows what that means. Although the month has only just begun, we’re certainly noticing the obvious difference in our Facebook news feeds.

That’s right… it’s Wedding Season.

No matter what your opinion is on the grand old institution that is marriage, weddings are surely bound to affect you in one way or another. Perhaps you’ve been invited to more ceremonies and receptions than you can handle this year, or maybe you just love the décor, the style and the overall hubbub that go along with tying the knot. There are even those who love weddings simply because of the tears of joy and outpourings of emotion that they so often instigate. (Disclaimer: Some of us, like the writer of this blog post, are newly-engaged and therefore are being influenced by weddings in nearly walk of life.)
 So whatever your views on Wedding Season, we surely have a book for you!*
*Unless you just hate weddings. We’re not sure we can help you with that one… 

For the ladylike ones who must always wear a hat:
By June Marsh
Reel Art Press
9781909526006, hardcover, 128 pages
Published 13 June 2013
This one isn’t really a wedding book at all, but we are just so obsessed with lovely Audrey and her lovely headwear that we think anybody who still abides by the tradition of wearing hats to weddings simply mustn’t miss out on this book. Quintessentially elegant, Audrey Hepburn’s status as a global style icon owes as much to an endless assortment of fabulous headwear as it does to her body of work. Hepburn and her hats were a match made in heaven and for decades she not only graced the silver screen but the cover of every glossy magazine throughout the world, rarely captured without her signature accessory.
This luxurious, hardcover photo book features an entire section dedicated to My Fair Lady and the fabulous Academy Award winning costumes and sculpted hats designed by Sir Cecil Beaton. It features stunning photographs of Audrey Hepburn taken by leading photographers including Dennis Stock, Howell Conant, Terry O’Neill, Bud Fraker and Bob Willoughby, and the book features insightful accompanying text from fashion writer, June Marsh.
It’s not just Turnaround who is crazy about this book. The press love it too! So far it has been reviewed in The Jewish Chronicle, The Sunday Times Style and The Sunday Telegraph Review.
For the fashionista ones who – let’s face it – care more about the style than the sacred institution (not that we have a problem with that!)…
By Hamish Bowles & Vera Wang
9780307957061, hardcover, 374 pages
Published 30 October 2012
The wedding is a ritual that – in the last 20 years – has taken on a life of its own to become a main area of focus for stylists, event planners and designers alike. Vogue Weddings presents an unprecedented range of high-end wedding dresses and some of the most exotic and glamorous wedding destinations in the world. With careful and skilled editing from Vogue’s European Editor, Hamish Bowles, and featuring a foreword from iconic designer Vera Wang, this is a one-of-a-kind record of the most beautiful weddings ever to take place.
9780956648723_14Weddings and Movie Stars
By Graham Marsh & Tony Nourmand
Reel Art Press
9780956648723, hardcover, 288 pages
Published 23 May 2011
Movie star weddings run the gamut from studio cover-ups to Hollywood endings, but whether your taste is for the explosive or the fairy tale, Weddings and Movie Stars will quench your thirst for impeccable glamour and salacious gossip. A movie lover’s encyclopaedia of weddings, Weddings and Movie Stars is exhaustively compiled over 288 pages and features many previously unreleased images. It is a tribute to the most iconic Hollywood stars from the 1920s onward in ceremonies from the low key to the lavish.
For the ones who need all of the organisational help they can get…
9788867320585, hardcover notebook, 216 pages
Published 12 September 2013
Newly engaged? Don’t know where to begin? TheMoleskine Passions Wedding Journal is the perfect tool for keeping track of wedding arrangements, from the moment after the engagement right down to the last thank-you note. The pearlescent white cover has gorgeous blind debossing and the notebook has three violet ribbon bookmarks, violet flyleaves and a white elastic closure. There are eight themed tabbed sections, a double expandable inner pocket and 162 adhesive labels to personalise the journal. Also included is the Bridal Book insert so the bride can plan her overall look for the big day.
the complete wedding plan
By Charlotte Rees
Straightforward Publishing
9781847163288, paperback, 128 pages
Published 25 February 2013
The Complete Wedding Plan is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of planning a wedding… It covers all issues that should be thought about when planning a wedding, helping to eliminate the stresses that can often stand in the way of what should be the greatest day in a couple’s life. For brides and grooms who need concise, simple and straightforward planning advice, this is the perfect tool!
For the ones who haven’t forgotten what comes after the wedding…
before you plan your wedding plan your marriageBefore you Plan Your Wedding… Plan Your Marriage
By Dr. Greg Smalley & Erin Smalley
Simon & Schuster
9781416543541, hardcover, 328 pages
Published 7 February 2013
Weddings are wonderful, but brief. And yet marriage is meant to last a lifetime. This important book will show you how to plan your marriage before you plan your wedding. Authors Greg and Erin Smalley open their hearts and share their lives in Before You Plan Your Wedding… Plan Your Marriage so that you can know not only how to build a marriage that will last, but also how to have the kind of marriage where you and your spouse feel safe, honoured and valued, making for more powerful relationships.

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