Late-Teenage Kicks: The Rise of the New Adult Novel

The flutterings of first love, flying the parental nest and the whizzing of hormones. Oh, if we could bottle that giddy, stomach-flipping blend of newness to experience again and again. That’s just the aim of New Adult novels, the hottest literary trend of 2013. This blossoming genre charters the heart-in-mouth leap from childhood to adulthood – and that messy bit in between. Filled with tingles of romance and desire, New Adult books (or ‘steamies’ in the UK) occupy that rather unusual place between ‘Harry Potter and 50 Shades of Grey’. Although don’t expect more teen wizardry and wand-waving, New Adult books are grounded firmly in the real world. It’s Y/A fiction all grown up – with just the right measure of steaminess. In the grand tradition of the classic Bildungsroman, these novels are a pleasingly sudsy exploration of sexual awakening, identity and independence. Aimed at ages 18-25, these books speak to a generation of readers striding out on their own for the first time.  

New York Times bestselling writer Molly McAdams is the front-runner of the trend in the US and we’re excited for her novels to land here in the UK. Molly achieved lightning-bolt success after the release of her first self-published e-book Taking Chances, an edgy coming-of-age tale about student life, strict parents, friendship and bad boy crushes. Now William Morrow will be publishing Molly’s work in beautiful trade paperback. Editor Tessa Woodward, one of Molly McAdams’ very first mega-fans, explains, “Taking Chances is one of those let-the-pots-boil over, forget-to-pick-up-the-kids, completely-ignore-the-outside-world until it’s done stories. By the time I got to the crazy twist near the end, I knew I had to acquire it.”

Molly’s next novel, From Ashes, will also be released in tandem with her first. This powerful, gritty, romance about a love triangle is fraught with emotion and has a dark undercurrent. “You think this book is going to be smooth sailing and then [Molly McAdams] throws a wrench in your happy world of reading… From Ashes will keep you on your toes” comments The Book Enthusiast Blog. Molly McAdams pens a top-notch steamy and suspenseful romance, and like one of her perfectly formed cliff-hangers, readers are eagerly awaiting McAdams’ next instalment.

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Taking Chances, 9780062267689, Pub Date: 09/05/13, £10.99
From Ashes, 9780062267726, Pub Date: 09/05/13, £10.99
Both published by William Morrow, an imprint of Harper Collins US

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