Doctor Who: Liberation of the Daleks – November Graphic Novel of The Month.

Just in time for Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary comes a new comic collection from Panini featuring the 14th Doctor in Doctor Who: Liberation of the Daleks. Picking up from where the previous Doctor Who TV series left off, Liberation of the Daleks is the 14th Doctor’s first official adventure. A new regeneration, but a familiar face, this exclusive comic strip collection, sees the return of the Doctor’s deadliest enemies – the Daleks!

The 60th anniversary of the BBC’s landmark science fiction television show is pulling out all the stops and it begins with this comic originally serialised in Doctor Who Magazine. Three specials are set to air across November and December starring David Tennant following his return to the series as the 14th Doctor who bears a striking resemblance to his 10th incarnation. To bridge the gap between Tennant’s return and his first special, we have an officially approved strip that examines the 14th Doctor’s first adventure along with his reaction to his regeneration.

Written by veteran Doctor Who magazine writer Alan Barnes and overseen by returning series showrunner Russell T Davies, Liberation of The Daleks picks up right where The Power of The Doctor left off and marks the first occasion where a new Doctor’s debut adventure is in comic form. It does a tremendous job of establishing the new Doctor whilst touching on his resemblance in both character and appearance to his 10th incarnation. It certainly helps that he is almost immediately thrust into a situation involving his longtime foes – the Daleks – and the 1966 World Cup.

Art is supplied by another Whoniverse veteran Lee Sullivan who has worked on Doctor Who comics since 1988. This particular storyline requires the right mixture of contemplation and action which Sullivan nails. He has a lot to play with in this serial and doesn’t waste any opportunities. The art is action packed and full of memorable moments – not least the sight of the Dalek army swarming over Wembley Stadium.

This is a month where Doctor Who is back in the public consciousness. With a fan-favourite actor returning to the role and three specials set to air, Who fans old and new are chomping at the bit for new content. Liberation of The Daleks will more than tide them over in the wait for the new specials. As the 14th Doctor’s first adventure, it is also a key story in the Who mythos which may have an impact on things going forward. A perfect start for the celebrations!

Doctor Who: Liberation of the Daleks is out 23 November from Panini (9781804911518, p/b, £12.99)

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