Celebrating Black History Month With This Year’s Best Non-Fiction Reads

October marks the celebration of Black History Month here in the UK! And this year we’ve got some incredible titles we want to highlight across both fiction and non-fiction. Today we’ll be focusing on this year’s incredible list of non-fiction from Black authors, artists and musicians. Since there are so many books to cover, we’ve split this post into four sections:

  • Memoir, biography & autobiography
  • Activism & history
  • Essays
  • Music

Keep reading for our recommendation and as usual, contact your local Turnaround sales representative to place an order.

Memoir, Biography & Autobiography

This Boy We Made

By Taylor Harris

9781646221622 | Catapult | Paperback | £15.99 | Published 19th Jan 2023

A Black mother bumps up against the limits of everything she thought she believed, in search of the truth about her son.

Black Founder: The Hidden Power of Being an Outsider

By Stacy Spikes

9781496739568 | Dafina Books | Hardback | £26.99 | Published 26th Jan 2023

An empowering memoir of a trailblazing business leader and an unflinching look at what it means to be Black and ambitious.

Beyond These Eyes

by Faith Tull

9781569028087 | Africa World Press | Paperback | £24.95 | Published 9th Feb 2023

A memoir of hope and triumph over adversity in 1970s post-colonial Jamaica.

Fastest Bicycle Rider in the World

by Marshall ‘Major’ Taylor, Adonia E. Lugo PhD & Ayesha McGowan

9781648411328 | Microcosm Publishing | Paperback | £15.99 | Published 16th Feb 2023

The inspirational autobiography of Major Taylor, an African-American cycling superstar who became a global phenomenon.

The Urgent Life

by Bozoma Saint John

9780593300176 | Viking Press USA | Hardback | £24.99 | Published 21th Feb 2023

From iconic business leader and influencer Bozoma Saint John, comes a memoir of grief, and one woman’s drive to thrive in the face of loss.

Ms Davis: A Graphic Biography

by Sybille Titeux de la Croix, Amazing Ameziane & translated by Jenna Allen

9781683965695 | Fantagraphics | Hardback | £24.99 | Published 14th March 2023

An acclaimed French writer and artist duo tell the story of Black activist, professor, and prison abolitionist Angela Davis.

I Can’t Save You

by Anthony Chin-Quee

9780593418888 | Riverhead | Hardback | £24.99 | Published 6th April 2023

The raw and gripping memoir of a Black physician who confronts his past mistakes and relationships as he learns to find his own path forward.

The Dead are Gods

by Eirinie Carson

9781685890452 | Melville House Publishing | Hardback | £20 | Published 13th April 2023

From an exciting new literary voice: a memoir that explores grief, Black love and Black life, and the recovery of love and life after the death of a dear friend.

The Ditchdigger’s Daughters

by Yvonne S. Thornton

9781496739193 | Dafina Books | Paperback | £15.99 | Published 27th April 2023

An inspiring portrait by a loving daughter of a father whose pervasive common sense, folk wisdom, and right-on insights gave his children their road map to a better life.

The Yards Between Us

By R. K. Russell

9781368081368 | Andscape Books | Hardback | £25.99 | Published 18th May 2023

A groundbreaking memoir from the first active NFL player to come out as bisexual.

bell hooks: The Last Interview

by bell hooks

9781685890797 | Melville House Publishing | Paperback | £13.99 | Published 20th July 2023

This collection remembers the legacy of bell hooks, the trailblazing author, cultural theorist and activist, public intellectual, teacher and feminist writer.

Shooting Stars

By LeBron James

9780593830444 | Penguin Books (USA)| Paperback | £16.99 | Published 1st August 2023

The celebrated memoir from NBA star LeBron James – a poignant, thrilling tale of how the power of teamwork transformed young lives, including his own.

Octavia E. Butler: The Last Interview

By Octavia E. Butler

9781685891053 | Melville House Publishing | Paperback | £13.99 | Published 21st Sept 2023

Celebrating the pioneering author Octavia E. Butler, one of the first Black female science fiction writers, who inspired generations.

An African Revolution Reclaimed

By Mesfin Hagos & Awet Tewelde Weldemichael

9781569028315 | The Red Sea Press | Paperback | £34.95 | Published 28th Sept 2023

The memoir of a key figure in the Eritrean war of independence and former defence minister of Eritrea, Mesfin Hagos.

Aimé Cesaire: No to Humiliation

By Nimrod & translated by Emma Ramadan

9781644212578 | Triangle Square Press | Hardback | £14.99 | Out 19th Oct 2023

The only YA book to tell the story of Aimé Césaire, the rise of Negritude, and the crusade for Black African and Caribbean independence from colonial rule.

Make Your Own History

By Joseph Holland

9781496743251 | Dafina Books | Hardback | 2£6.99 | Out 24th Oct 2023

One hundred and twenty Black leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs share their wisdom and experience across the centuries.

Activism & History

The Enduring Legacy of Portland’s Black Panthers

By Joe Biel & Intisar Abioto

9781648411816 | Microcosm Publishing | PB | £14.99 | Published 9th Feb 2023

An epic, motivating, and powerful tale of growing up Black in Portland’s then-suburb of Albina in the 1960s.

The George Floyd Uprising: An Anthology

Edited by Vortex Group

9781629639666 | PM Press | Paperback | £21.99 | Published 16th Feb 2023

A compendium of the most radical writing to come out of one of America’s biggest uprisings in half a century.

Jackson Rising Redux

By Kali Akuno, Matt Meyer & foreword by Richard Wolff

9781629638645 | PM Press | Hardback | £56.99 | Published 20th April 2023

An anthology detailing Cooperation Jackson (a worker-owned self-managed cooperative), its organising strategies, and methods.

Summer of Hamn

by Chuck D

9781636141527 | Akashic Books | Hardback | £19.95 | Out October 2023

The tragedy of gun violence is depicted in
annotated illustrations that illuminate a
society gone hamn; from legendary hip-hop artist Chuck D.


In Our Shoes: On Being a Young Black Woman in Not So “Post-Racial” America

By Brianna Holt

9780593186398 | Plume | Paperback | £16.99 | Published 13th April 2023

A memoir-in-essays about Black millennial women and the preconceived notions they are expected to live up to, through the lens of Brianna’s lived experience and pop culture.

Burnt Eucalyptus Wood

By Ennatu Domingo

9781911648581 | The Indigo Press | Paperback | £9.99 | Published 20th April 2023

Torn between forgetting and remembering, Ennatu explores the dilemma of international adoptees and migrant children and their quest for belonging in a book destined to be a classic of its genre.

We See Each Other: A Black Trans Journey Through TV and Film

By Tre’vell Anderson

9781368081733 | Andscape Books | Hardback | £25.99 | Published 11th May 2023

A groundbreaking look at the history of transgender representation in TV and film, by an of-the-moment and in-demand culture reporter.

Some of Us Are Brave (Vol 2): Interviews and Conversations with Sistas in Life and Struggle Volume 2

By Thandisizwe Chimurenga

9781990263835 | Daraja Press | PB | £28.99 | Out 1st November 2023

Conversations between Black women on correcting misogynoir.


Black Punk Now

Edited by Chris L. Terry & James Spooner

9781593767457 | Soft Skull Press | PB | 17.99 | Out 31st Oct 2023

A canonising, bold and urgent anthology setting a new precedent for Black Punk Lit, created by generations of Black punks.

The Book of Rhyme & Reason

by Peter Spirer & ICE-T

9781909526891 | Reel Art Press | Hardback | £39.95 | Out 7th Nov 2023

An inside look at the making of Hip-Hop documentary Rhyme & Reason, over 25 years since its ground-breaking release.

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