5 bombshell beach books for a modern-day Barbie

That’s right barbies, with only one week to go until the Barbie movie hits theatres, we have compiled a blow-out list of bombshell books you’ll want to get your hands on. Perfect for reading at the beach, or discussing at a party — it’s time to feel your finest hot girl summer.

That Summer Feeling by Bridget Morrissey
Berkley, 9780593549247, PB, £16.99, 30/5/2023

That Summer Feeling is the perfect summer read for rom-com fans looking for an escapist read, with lots of nostalgia vibes!

Turns out you’re never too old for a summer camp romance. Or a change of heart. When a divorced woman attends a sleepaway camp for adults only, she reconnects with a man from her past — only to catch feelings for his sister instead.

One Tough Cookie by Delise Torres
Alcove Press, 9781639103782, PB, £18.99, 18/7/2023

For fans of Abby Jimenez and Julie Tieu, Puerto Rican author Delise Torres writes a sassy, fun, Puerto Rican protagonist in this witty and entertaining romance.

A Latina Fleabag committed to her carefree single life meets the sexy new mechanic determined to break through her defenses, in this humorous and heartfelt foodie women’s fiction set at a cookie company.

Flirting with Fire by Jane Porter
Berkley, 9780593438428, PB, £8.99, 25/7/2023

This new later-in-life romance explores the world of theatre, and whether we can ever truly leave our old lives behind. Love isn’t just an act in this captivating and flirty romance by New York Times bestselling author Jane Porter.

Margot Hughes has lived and breathed theatre for twenty-five years, but after a devastating breakup she flees to her coastal hometown and lands a job in real estate. But the world of theatre manages to find her, and she gets swept up in a summer production where she meets former soap opera star Max Russo.

The Déjà Glitch by Holly James
Dutton, 9780593471586, PB, £12.99, 1/8/2023

A fun, sparkly and fresh rom-com with speculative elements — the love interest is trapped in a time loop! For fans of Casey McQuiston’s One Last Stop.

Gemma Peters is alright. She’s making a name for herself in the music biz in LA. She’s got a ride or die best friend in Lila, and she gets to come home to Rex, her loving Labrador, every night. She’s also got a ‘no musicians’ rule when it comes to dating. When Gemma crashes into Jack, at first she feels like fate might have finally decided to do her a favour. After all this guy is cute and, wait, is she imagining it or is he staring a little too deeply into her eyes? And, OK how does he know her name? A lightly speculative, sparkling rom-com, in which Gemma might be the only person who can break Jack out of the 24-hour time loop he’s been stuck in for five months…

Accidentally in Love by Danielle Jackson
Berkley, 9780593437353, PB, £15.99, 8/8/2023

Accidentally in Love is Jackson’s follow up to the steamy and well reviewed romance The Accidental Pinup and it hits all the right notes with an emphasis on body positivity, female empowerment and friendship.

When Sam is stuck sharing the streets for Chicago’s summer festivals with a man she can’t stand, she’ll find it’s often a bumpy road that leads to love.

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