A dozen Empowering Titles to Spread the Love All About You — Self-love guides to Boost Yourself This Valentines Day

Our relationship with ourselves is our longest — and least avoidable — so investing any self-love in ourselves is never wasted and ultimately necessary to lead a happier life! This blog is your heart-shaped key to finding the latest and upcoming self-love titles, from understanding ourselves better scientifically and spiritually, to unlocking our vulnerability, our weirdness and our strengths.

Whether you just want quick little pick-me-ups in the form of affirmations or something more practical in self-love planners to track your ever-evolving journey with yourself, we’re here on one knee, presenting you with a dozen gorgeous titles which will help you fall in love with you, and celebrate your wonderful, unique self: mind, body and spirit.

30 Days To Love
9781578269150, Hatherleigh Press, HB, £11.99
, 02/02/2023

When we love ourselves and others, we feel better and become more resilient. People who feel loved and valued are more confident. They are more willing to step out of their comfort zones to take risks. They know they are wanted and supported and always have something to fall back on when bad things happen. 30 Days to Love guides you on the journey on how to surround yourself with love, from the inside and out, including simple yet effective changes we can make for a better, healthier sense of self-love.

Designing Healthy Boundaries
Ulysses Press, 9781646044085, PB, £16.99, 26/01/2023

This all-in-one guide to identifying, setting, and maintaining healthy boundaries with your family, co-workers, friends, partner, and self has full of proven strategies and tools to help understand and embody self-love. In a world of social media, working from home, and constant availability, setting boundaries in work, love, family and beyond has never been more relevant. Focusing on individual boundary setting, Dr. Shainna Ali’s approach highlights the key foundations of healthy relationships: patience, self-awareness, openness, courage, coping, and support through the art of boundaries.

The Self Love Planner
Ulysses Press, 9781646043583, HB, £28.99, 15/09/2022

The benefits of prioritising yourself are vast, but the journey to true empowerment and happiness is much easier said than done. This customisable planner is your guide to embracing a healthy mindset and finding self-love in each and every day. Infuse a daily dose of self-love into your life and foster genuine happiness with this easy-to-use, undated planner. Written by a licensed mental health counsellor, a nationally certified counsellor, and an approved clinical supervisor, this keepsake planner will lay the foundations of self-love over the course of a year and give you the tools you need to maintain your self-love journey for many more to come.

Tiny Buddha’s Inner Strength Journal
Citadel, 9780806542232, HB, £18.99, 30/08/2022

If these challenging times have taught us anything, it’s that resilience is the key to getting through whatever life throws at us. With the Tiny Buddha’s Inner Strength Journal, you’ll chart your own path to not only surviving but also thriving in your hardest times. With the simple practices found within these pages, you’ll learn to get up and get stronger when life knocks you down so you can get a lot more out of life.

September Publishing, 9781914613098, HB, £16.99, 01/09/2022

Rich with the combination of myth, landscape and eco feminism, Hagitude reclaims the mid years as a liberating, alchemical moment from which to shift into your chosen, authentic and fulfilling future. Drawing inspiration from mythic figures and archetypes ranging from the wise woman and the creatrix to the henwife and the trickster, as well as modern mentors, Sharon Blackie plots a liberating new path into elderhood. Our September Book of the Month 2022, you can read more on the title here, on learning to embrace your elder years, warts and all.

Luna Sol: Healing Through Tarot Guidebook
Liminal 11, 9781912634316, PB, £12.99, 20/10/2022

With its pages full of beautiful illustrations of The Luna Sol Tarot artwork, plus all-new illustrations inspired by the cards’ symbolism, this is far more than your average colouring book. It’s packed with exclusive deep insights into the cards – not found in the guidebook! – and activities and journal prompts that will improve your intuition and mindfulness practice. The Luna Sol Tarot Coloring book is themed off a reflective and healing deck enjoyed by diverse communities looking for a moment of much needed self-care in a fast moving world.

How To Be Weird
Penguin Books, 9780143136576, PB, £15.99, 08/11/2022

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the often monotonous nature of our day to day – moving from one rote task to the next, only to rinse and repeat the next day. Weirdness, however, is an easily accessible antidote to these feelings of languishing. The quirky, eccentric, and peculiar can take us out of our normal habits of thought and perception, surprising us by breaking up our routines and reminding us that there’s more to life than the everyday. Eric G. Wilson offers a much-needed spark to the exhaustion and malaise inherent in the world, reinvigorating a new way of looking at the world.

Unfuck Your Brain Workbook
Microcosm, 9781648410772, PB, £18.99, 17/11/2022

Our brains are doing their best, but sometimes they act like real pains in the — well, brain— and it can take a lot of work to calm them down. If you’re dealing with unresolved trauma, depression, anxiety, anger, grief, or addiction, or just feel like your reactions to everyday events aren’t what you want them to be, there are tonnes of tools to help with that. This workbook is packed with exercises for getting extra space between your thinking mind and your instinctive reactions so that you can be more likely to respond appropriately to the non-emergencies of daily life. Whether used as a standalone or to accompany Unfuck Your Brain, Dr Faith brings her signature practicality, humour, and warmth, to the often-daunting project of getting better, and teaching our own brain to love itself.

Wanting: Women Writing About Desire
Catapult, 9781646220113, PB, £16.99, 16/02/2023

What is desire? And what are its rules? How do we navigate the journey from the things we were brought up thinking we should want to figuring out what we actually do? This is an intimate and empowering anthology of essays that explore the changing face of female desire in whip-smart, sensuous prose, including work that has never been published before. Award-winning and emerging female writers from a range of experiences and backgrounds dismantle every formal notion of what desire is or can be in this fierce and daring anthology.

The Vulnerability Workbook
Ulysses Press, 9781646044030, PB, £15.99, 08/12/2022

The word ‘vulnerability’ is scary. We’re taught that letting people close to you and showing your true self can result in heartbreak, trauma, and loss. But vulnerability, when approached in a safe way and anchored in self-trust, can be the key to healthy, long-lasting relationships. The first of its kind, The Vulnerability Workbook gives you actionable tools to help you deconstruct vulnerability and turn it into a practice that will enrich your life and relationships. This truly is the perfect resource for anyone seeking to embrace their vulnerability and make their relationship with themselves and others the best they can be.

notebook on a white background

The Self Love Workbook
Ulysses Press, 9781646044429, PB, £23.99, 16/02/2023

If there’s one thing this blog is all about, its that you need love from yourself as much as from others. When you have low self-esteem, low confidence or even self-hatred, it’s impossible to live life to the full. It’s time to build your self-love and transform your attitude, emotions and overall outlook on life! This helpful workbook allows you to become aware of your own needs and goals while discovering how better to accept and love your true self.

The Happy Empath’s Little Book of Affirmation
Ulysses Press, 9781646044580, PB, £15.99

Never underestimate the big power of a little affirmation. Protect yourself against negative energy, soothe anxious thoughts, and empower your inner empath with this book of thoughtful quotes, positive sayings, and inspiring affirmations. Learn from an established psychic medium on how to master the valuable lessons of self-worth in short, simple mantras you can use in any situation to reset and refocus your mindset.

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