Travel Books, Maps and Guides to Inspire your Summer!

For most of us, Summer 2022 will be our first “proper summer” out of lockdown. But even as your insta feeds flood with photos of sunsets and people holding daiquiris in bikinis, you might still be land-locked. Or maybe you’re just still searching for the right inspiration to hit you with that wanderlust feeling. Either way, here are some of the best travel guides and travel writing from the past year to inspire your next trip!

British Boutique Hotels

by Gina Jackson

(Hoxton Mini Press, 9781914314032 , h/b, £20)

Once a purely photographic publisher, Hoxton Mini Press have branched out into supplying readers with only the most opinionated, sleek and hip travel guides out there. If you happen to be stuck in the city or planning a trip to London, you’ll especially find their Opinionated Guides to London series extremely useful as they are packed with recommendations for kids, art-lovers, foodies and more. One of the most luxurious titles they’ve brought out recently is the gorgeous British Boutique Hotels by hotelier and insta star Gina Jackson. Each boutique hotel featured is neatly displayed with aspirational photography, local suggestions for food and activities, and what kind of holiday you’ll find there (e.g. “relaxing spa weekend”, “city break”, etc.). If you’re not exactly sure *where* you want to go, but you know you want a fabulous place to stay and a relaxing time to be had, then this guide will set you on the right path!

Water, Wood & Wild Things

by Hannah Kirshner

(Penguin, 9781984877543, p/b, £14.99)

For those dreaming of far-flung adventures completely away from the familiarity of Britain, we recommend grabbing a copy of Water, Wood and Wild Things. This stunning piece of travel writing is an immersive experience alongside Hannah Krishner during her journey into Yamanaka, Japan. Not only does she venture into the mountains, but she also finds herself immersed in a community of craftspeople – from farmers to woodturners to paper artists – who introduce her to centuries-old traditions. The local wildlife, including evergreen forests, mountains and terraced rice fields, are all as inspirational as the culture of Japan itself. Krishner brings the whole experience to the palms of your hands, and it’s truly unmissable for any travel-lover.

Queering the Map of Glasgow

(Knight Errant Press, 9781999671327, p/b, £6.99)

You certainly don’t need to travel as far as Japan for an adventure, though. Our next recommendation has less to do with where you go, and more about *how* you experience where you go… QUEERING THE MAP OF GLASGOW (2nd Edition coming soon!) was inspired by the community generated countermapping platform called QUEERING THE MAP, which was set up as a way of recording LGBTQIA+ experiences and personal histories.  As Knight Errant Press state in their blurb: “This is a map unlike any other: adding detail and fable it is neither complete nor fixed, it is a fold in the world. And a queer one at that.” Through a collection of works that reflect on Queer space and time, this anthology will inspire you to find the everyday connections, stories and meaningfulness of wherever you are.

Blue Crow Maps

London Maps Set

Our last recommendation is what some of our Gen Z readers might call “retro”… can you guess what they are? Yep, they’re maps! And thankfully not like the hideous orange road map your parent would throw on the back seat for long journeys; these are huge, colourful, and endlessly inspiring!

Blue Crow Media makes some of the coolest maps out there, and there are lots of exciting themes to pick from, especially if you are looking to experience some architectural history. From big trees to alleyways and art deco buildings; there’s plenty to see across their many maps covering Paris, London, Melbourne, Berlin, and more. Whether you just want to marvel at architecture from various cities, or fancy grabbing your comfy trainers, and trekking around to find some of the spots featured, these maps are bound to capture your imagination!

Before you hop off and start dreaming about that trip of yours, our last recommendation is that we all stay safe, healthy and happy this summer! So to all you wanderlust-ers – have a great time out there! Oh, and don’t forget the sun cream!

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