The Condor’s Feather – February Book of the Month

For many of us, the possibility for a green reset after COVID-19 forced governments to re-evaluate public healthcare, economic policies, labour forces, and more, was a small bright spot of hope. As time has gone on, it’s become clear that such a revolution will not yet come to pass. But increasing numbers of people around the world are still committed to achieving real change, and to honouring and upholding the beauty of our planet. Our book of the month for February, The Condor’s Feather, drives home the importance of preserving our natural world, and celebrates its restorative energy.

After a vicious attack left Michael Webster in treatment for years, it was only his love of birdlife that truly helped him to heal. Indebted to nature, Webster and his wife Paula crossed South America, immersing themselves in the natural world and filming birds around the continent. From penguins in Patagonia, up beyond the hummingbirds of the equator, to the flamingos of the Caribbean, Michael and Paula travelled the length of the Andes for over four years camping under galaxies of diamond stars night after night.

A compelling, escapist travelogue, The Condor’s Feather is testament to the possibility of new adventures and new hope. Praised for its authenticity and emotional resonance, the book will touch the hearts of bird-lovers everywhere, and shows us exactly why South America’s rare wildlife is worth saving.

The Condor’s Feather by Michael Webster is out from
September Publishing on 17th February 2022
(9781914613005, p/b, £14.99)

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