Vampire Hunter D Omnibus: Book One – the classic light novel series returns.

The bestselling light novel series Vampire Hunter D is back in a new omnibus edition. The aristocratic vampire lords known as the Nobles inherited our world, and with dark science and immortal patience made real the things that mortals had merely dreamed, whether voyaging to the distant stars, or conjuring monsters to roam the Earth. Yet the grand civilization of the Nobles has grown decadent, and as the terrorized remnants of humanity at last found the strength to rebel, their undying lords have been pushed back to the Frontier—the violent borderlands where humans still remain the prey of vampires, who for all their knowledge and power have never lost their obsession with our living flesh, blood… and souls! In this bizarre and deadly far future the most dangerous thing of all is not a vampire, but the one who hunts them—the one who is half them—a dhampir, the unearthly beautiful wanderer known as D.

Whether via the iconic anime films, the manga adaptation or the original novels, Vampire Hunter D has rightfully been held in high esteem amongst anime and manga fans for many years. One of the key titles in the rise of manga/anime’s fandom in the 90s, the series is a fun amalgamation of classic horror tropes from the many iterations of Dracula (particularly Hammer Horror), classic pulp stories in the western and sci-fi genres, and the classic wandering lone samurai stories that have long been a staple of Japanese storytelling which Horror legend Hideyuki Kikuchi masterfully welds together.

With such a broad level of appeal covered, it’s easy to see why D’s adventures have appealed to such a wide audience over the years. Not to mention the stunning illustrations and character designs from legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano (Heroic Legend of Arslan, Final Fantasy, Sandman) which are just as memorable today. Now newcomers have an easy way to access these classic stories for the first time.

This first omnibus collects volumes one to three which contain the stories that were the basis for the original 1985 anime film and the subsequent 2000 film Bloodlust. These stories are packed with action and memorable characters that get the series off to a rousing start. Most importantly, they quickly establish D as a standout character who would be right at home in a spaghetti western amongst other lone wanderers. This is a perfect jumping on point for those who have yet to experience Vampire Hunter D and is a must read for any light novel fans.

Vampire Hunter D Omnibus: Book One is out 26 October from Dark Horse (9781506725307, p/b, £16.99)

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