Overwatch: Tracer – London Calling review – spinoff series starring series favourite.

Dark Horse continue their bestselling line of Overwatch tie in books with Overwatch: Tracer–London Calling, a spinoff featuring long-time fan-favourite Tracer. Overwatch may be disbanded, but Tracer’s time in “retirement” is up. After a punk-rock omnic named Iggy shows Tracer the dire living conditions forced upon London’s omnics, Tracer vows to help. But things might not be so easy, especially with larger forces sowing conflict between humans and omnics in London.

This series has many things going for it. There is the obvious appeal of it starring one of the most popular characters from the Overwatch franchise, but Dark Horse have gone the extra step of securing some top tier comic talent to write and draw the series. Mariko Tamaki has won several major comic awards including Eisner, Harvey, Ignatz and Joe Schuster awards. She is highly regarded as one of the leading female talents working in comics today with works such as This Is One Summer, Skim and Spider-Man & Venom Double Trouble. Babs Tarr is also held in high regard for her art on Motor Crush and Batgirl, with a style that is perfectly suited for a character like Tracer. Together, these two have made a thoroughly entertaining comic that’s definitely not a throwaway tie-in.

One of Tracer’s most popular traits has been her strong charisma and boundless energy. Tamaki’s writing style is a natural fit for the character as she perfectly captures the energy the character exudes. Beyond that, Tamaki has produced several works that delve deep into human relationships and uses this opportunity to delve into how Tracer has been adjusting to life after Overwatch. Whilst she has a nice quiet life and a supportive girlfriend, when you had a life as crazy as Tracer’s, the idea of settling into a normal life is hard.

Tarr’s art is the other key component of this series’ success. If you’ve seen her previous work, it should come as no surprise that’s she’s a perfect fit for illustrating Tracer. The characters and panels are filled with kinetic energy that always keep your eyes busy. The designs in particular are top notch, with Tracer retaining her iconic look and energetic feel, whilst getting imbued with the very cool punky style Tarr has developed over the years.

This will delight Overwatch fans wanting to see what Tracer gets up to next, and fans of both Tamaki and Tarr will find plenty to enjoy. Another authentic and fun entry into the Overwatch universe!

Overwatch: Tracer–London Calling is out 5 October from Dark Horse (9781506717098, h/b, £20.99

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