Putin’s Russia by Darryl Cunningham – September Book of the Month

Darryl Cunningham is pulling back curtains wherever he goes; from billionaires, to scientists, to economic crashes, he’s unveiling them all in his signature style. In Putin’s Russia: Rise of a Dictator, he draws back the ultimate red curtain… the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

You may think you know the shirtless-bareback-horse-riding president of Russia, but soon after opening this book you’ll realise that you never really knew him. Darryl Cunningham takes you through Putin’s life from childhood to the KGB, to a ceaseless series of political corruptions that eventually led him to power. In the background, we also see the history of Russia unravelling from the days of the Soviet Union to the present, providing context for the international news stories we see everywhere today. The final twenty pages of Putin’s Russia even stretch into our current COVID-defined era.

As with his other books, Darryl Cunningham’s signature minimal style, which often crosses into iconic pop art, keeps things interesting and makes the (rather terrifying) events detailed feel like more than just words on a page. Putin’s Russia ultimately pushes the narrative around Putin away from myth and into the true reality of dictatorship and corruption.

Praise for Darryl Cunningham:

‘Cunningham’s nonfiction work is undoubtedly some of the most crucially important practice to have emerged in UK comics in the last decade.’ —Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

‘Cunningham’s charming artwork complements his concise arguments…his stark lines and simple layouts give his comic the feel of a scientific analysis.’ —New Scientist

‘Darryl Cunningham’s simplicity of style is deceptive. I never fail to learn from his work, always educational and deeply human too.’— Robin Ince

Join us for the virtual launch of Putin’s Russia on 22nd September, 7-8:30pm.

Putin’s Russia: The Rise of a Dictator by Darryl Cunningham is published on 16th September 2021 by Myriad Editions. (9781912408917, p/b, £16.99)

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