Invisible Kingdom Vol. 3 – the conclusion of the acclaimed sci-fi epic.

The Eisner Award-winning Invisible Kingdom reaches its conclusion with volume 3. Just when the crew of the Sundog thought they’d made it through the most dangerous edge of space – they are taken by a faction of mysterious new Nones to an even further and more deadly place: The Point of No Return. As revolution looms, these Siblings of Rebirth have an unthinkable mission to carry out, and they can’t do it without Vess… or with Grix in the picture. But who can be trusted? And will Vess choose destruction…or love?

Invisible Kingdom made a huge impact upon its initial release. It had a lot of hype given the creators involved which it more than lived up to. The first two volumes earned the series two Eisner Awards (for best new series and best painter/digital artist) and ranked highly with fans of sci-fi comics. This third volume has been eagerly anticipated, especially given delays from the pandemic and these last five chapters skipping the single-issue release, and instead going straight to collection form. It’s been quite a wait, but it was more than worth it.

In the previous volumes, G. Willow Wilson did a tremendous job on playing off her past experience at exploring cultural difference and identity. These themes are taken to a whole other cosmic scale with corrupt organisations and religions running rampant. Wilson takes a chance to explore this further when Grix meets the higher ups in The Siblings and learns how even those who know the faith is compromised still hold onto it for structure and purpose. Even in this final volume, one of the main driving factors is the conflict between Vess and Grix over Vess still holding into the last vestiges of her faith that she holds dear. It all comes to a head with Vess having to make some very difficult decisions between her faith and Grix as at its core, Invisible Kingdom is a classic love story where two beings from different cultures and upbringings find each other.

Christian Ward once again turns in tremendous art and seems to have saved his best for last in this volume. Everything is on an epic scale and is a perfect fit for the world he and Wilson have put together. Not only does he have one of the best planet explosions (and usage of THOOM) you’ll ever see, but he continues to innovate with panel layout and usage of colour. His style is truly unique and he once again proves himself a standout in the comic industry.

This is a perfect wrap-up to a top-notch sci-fi comic series. More than worth the wait and definitely cements the series as a sci-fi classic! If you’re a fan of the genre, there is no excuse not to check out Invisible Kingdom.

Invisible Kingdom Vol. 3 is out now from Berger Books
(9781506721514, p/b, £16.99

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