North Korea: Like Nowhere Else – an unprecedented look at the world’s most secretive state

Routinely described as the world’s most secretive country, it’s safe to say that the outside world has only a surface-level impression of what North Korea is really like. Uniform military parades, over-enthusiastic state broadcasters, and masses of hysterical mourners are just a few of the images that usually come to mind. In North Korea: Like Nowhere Else, Lindsey Miller challenges this simplistic image with the rare insight of a Western insider, living in the country for two years with diplomatic immunity afforded only to a few.

In her photographic journal, we bear witness to both the extraordinary and the surprisingly ordinary. With unstaged photographs accompanied by intimate conversations and encounters that reveal the hidden humanity of this reclusive state.

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North Korea: Like Nowhere Else by Lindsey Miller is out now from September Publishing
(9781912836802, h/b, £17.99)

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