Afro Vegan – May Book of the Month

Let’s talk food. With nowhere else to go and not much else to do that engages the senses, many people have been spending the pandemic year in the kitchen. But we’re just over a year in now, and there are only so many times you can make banana bread without going completely insane. Thankfully, our May Book of the Month has some other options. Zoe Alakija is a London-based cook, whose book Afro Vegan features recipes that blend modern British flavours with the colours and tastes of her Nigerian upbringing.

African food in general, and Nigeran food in particular, is on the rise in the UK, and dishes like cheesy kokoro and nutty plantain brownies take European vegan food far beyond the standard fare that we are used to. Zoe’s immaculate balance of tastes combined with playful presentation ensures these are recipes to remember for those willing to explore broader, more environmentally responsible horizons.

Check out some of Afro Vegan‘s stunning pages below.

Afro Vegan by Zoe Alakija is published 20th May by Hoxton Mini Press (9781910566909, h/b, £25.00)

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