All The Places In Between – a silent exploration of mental health

All The Places In Between by John Cei Douglas is a new silent comic from Liminal 11 that takes the reader on a journey through the peaks and valleys of mental health. Illustrator John Cei Douglas presents a subtle and delicate take on the hardships that those battling depression or anxiety go through whilst showcasing the difficulties with expressing these troubles to other people. But it is also a story of hope as whilst the journey may seem tough, those who suffer are not always alone.

Douglas’ art style works perfectly with the silent format which conveys a strong message that transcends the need of words. The layout and storytelling is not overly complicated which is perfect for the chosen narrative. Given the strain that many people’s mental health has been under during the pandemic, this release is very timely and will definitely speak to an even wider audience. A perfect read for anyone in a time of self-reflection or someone who has had their own struggles and is looking to be inspired.

All the Places in Between is out now from Liminal 11
(9781912634231, p/b, £11.99)

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