Marvel Portfolio: Peach Momoko review – spotlighting one of Marvel’s top new artists

In the past few years, Japanese artist Peach Momoko has grown into one of the biggest names in comics. Following her early work for Heavy Metal Magazine, she became a highly sought-after variant cover artist working on covers for Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dynamite and Boom. Several of her covers became hot items amongst collectors and have gone for crazy prices on the secondary market. Last year, she signed an exclusive contract with Marvel and is one of Marvel’s Stormbreakers – a group of artists earmarked as the next big things in the industry. Momoko is currently writing and drawing Demon Days, a mini-series presenting her own unique take on various Marvel characters. In addition, she is now the latest artist spotlighted in Marvel’s new Portfolio series.

Marvel Portfolio: Peach Momoko is a collection of giclee prints in a hardcover portfolio case that feature some of Momoko’s best variant cover art for Marvel. It’s honestly hard to narrow down her best covers to just 12, but this collection picks out some strong choices. Momoko’s work has always stood out. With fully painted artwork somewhat of a rarity nowadays in mainstream comics in both covers and interior artwork, it’s awesome to see someone so committed to that medium of art. As someone who has been lucky enough to see her paint in person, I can confidently say she’s one of the most talented creators in her field. Her work can range from bright and colourful to dark and brooding, but it always maintains that style that makes it easy to identify. There are a variety of different approaches on display in this collection. These include classic pin-up style images to more abstract pieces that experiment with layout and composition. Regardless, they are all packed with energy and are some of the most vibrant covers you’ll see in comics today.

Highlights include her Immortal wraparound variant for Doctor Strange which makes full use of the space provided to highlight the trippy nature of the world Strange occupies, the iconic Ghost Spider phone cover that cemented her popularity in many circles, and her very dynamic Spider-Man/Venom: Double Trouble variant which was like trying to find a needle in a haystack when it came to finding a copy.

Whether it be displayed on the walls or the bookshelf, fans of Momoko will definitely want this in their collections. A small, yet substantial look into the Marvel career of one the brightest stars working in comics today.

Marvel Portfolio: Peach Momoko is out 30 March from Marvel  (9781302928322, h/b, £41.99)

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