Vision & The Scarlet Witch – January Graphic Novel of the Month

This week marks the debut of Marvel Studio’s latest production, WandaVison on Disney+. With anticipation high after a year without any Marvel movies, this series spotlights Vision and The Scarlet Witch with two of the Avengers’ most popular members as they move to a suburban environment where things are not what they seem. To mark the occasion, Marvel have released a deluxe collection of the classic comics that inspired the TV series, Vision & The Scarlet Witch: The Saga of Wanda and Vision. After getting married, Wanda and Vision move to the suburbs for a quiet life, but that ends up being far from easy. Wanda embraces her sorcerous heritage – but can a revelation about her family tree be believed? The Vision’s past threatens their future, as Ultron and the Grim Reaper strike! And things get even stranger when Wanda’s magic spells lead to the couple becoming… a family!

WandaVision is looking to be one of the more unusual offerings from Marvel Studios and is far removed from traditional superhero films. These comics originally published in the 80s were similarly different from Marvel’s main output at the time, though it was a period in time where they were experimenting with their characters in more radical ways (including but not limited to Spider-Man’s alien costume or Frank Miller’s darker take on Daredevil). This included the marriage of Wanda and Vision in Giant-Size Avengers #4 after years of building the unconventional romance between the pair. One of the most intriguing aspects of Vision’s early Avengers appearances was his evolution from robotic pawn of Ultron into a cyborg who was experiencing human feelings and emotions. His relationship and subsequent marriage to the Scarlet Witch created a very interesting dynamic which is explored further in the comics in this collection.

Family drama plays a big part in the series with Wanda’s brother Pietro (Quicksilver) and her father Magneto dropping by at different points to play up the dysfunctional family angle. Despite their superhero pasts preventing them from having a completely normal civilian life, it is a treat to see how the couple adapt to their suburban environment. Vision in particular adopting normal clothing and developing a sharp sense of humour is a ton of fun whilst Wanda develops into a more confident and independent hero, and eventually the two are even faced with the prospect of being parents. Of course, these suburban moments are offset by villainous encounters with the likes of Amora the Enchantress and others trying to prevent the pair successfully adapting to their new lifestyle.

Anyone looking for a primer for WandaVision definitely need to read this collection. Long time Marvel fans also need to give it a look, as this a fun period in Marvel history that presented stories and scenarios that influenced other creators for years to come.

Vision & The Scarlet Witch: The Saga of Wanda and Vision is out 26 January 2021 from Marvel
(9781302928643, p/b, £33.50)

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