We Do Lockdown – October Book of the Month

For those of us living in the UK you may look at the news and cringe as the the ‘Corona’ situation grows increasingly baffling, bewildering, if not downright dotty. Enter then Miriam Elia to save us with some sensible satire. From the author of We Go to the Gallery, We Do Christmas and a Penguin copyright lawsuit, our October Book of the Month We Do Lockdown see the return of Mummy, John, and Susan as they navigate indefinite lockdowns, self-isolation, and lemongrass shortages.

The latest learning guide from Dung Beetle Press (founded in 1936 by a a family of Presbyterian manure workers), We Do Lockdown seeks to educate your under-fives on how to adjust to the ‘new normal’, teaching them new words and phrases such as ‘death fetish’, ‘bog roll apocalypse’ and ‘exotic food drought’.

Marvel then at Miriam’s hand-drawn, captioned illustrations, then pick-up a copy from your local bookstore – provided you’re able to lob it at the cashier from a two-metre distance and scrub yourself down with bleach straight after.

We Do Lockdown by Miriam Elia is available from Dung Beetle Press on 5th November 2020
(9780992834920, h/b, £8.99)

Or from your local bookstore.

As booksellers across the UK re-open their doors they need your help to stay afloat.

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