Vintage Geek: The Quiz Book – Star Wars to Hanna-Barbera in 1000 questions

Do you know….

  • Which word, invented by The Simpsons and first featured in Lisa the Iconoclast (S07E16), was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2018?
  • Which three Marvel heroes might you bump into in Queens, Hell’s Kitchen and Greenwich Village?
  • What does Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) pull out of the tiger shark that he cuts open in Jaws (1975)?

These are just three of the hundreds of questions covering myriad areas of 20th century fandom included in Marshall Julius’ Vintage Geek: The Quiz Book, out now from September Publishing. Whether you’re a fan of fifties sci-fi cinema, sixties Star Trek, Tom Baker’s Doctor Who and eighties Action Classics to Hanna-Barbera, 2000 AD, Star Wars, Spielberg, Disney, Marvel, Atari, The Twilight Zone and much more besides – here’s a cornucopia of questions to test your trivia chops.

Vintage Geek features fifty celebrity questions from such special guests as John Carpenter, George Takei, Sam Neill, Mark Millar, Tom Savini, Mark Hamill, Pat Mills, Yeardley Smith and Sam J. Jones – and an intro by The Simpsons producer Mark Reiss! Absolutely perfect for nerdy quiz nights, evenings in with friends, Christmas Day entertainment, Comic Con preparations, and more.

Author Marshall Julius, a film critic for BBC Radio Oxford with an enthusiastic following on Twitter (@MarshallJulius), is an expert quiz-master as well as a life-long lover (and collector) of all things geeky. He also hosts Marshall at the Movies on YouTube.

Vintage Geek: The Quiz Book by Marshall Julius is out now from September Publishing
(9781912836024, p/b, £12.99)

Answers (if you needed them):

  • Embiggen – a transitive verb meaning, to make bigger or more expansive. “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.”
  • Spider-Man lives in Forest Hills, Queens, Daredevil lives and operates in Hell’s Kitchen and Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum is located at 177A Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. New York being the centre of Marvel’s real-life and fictional universe.
  • A whole fish, a fish head, a tin can and a number plate.

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