Invisible Jumpers – September Book of the Month

Over 1,000 hours of knitting have gone into creating our September book of the month Invisible Jumpers. That’s 329 Avengers: Endgames, or 44.44 flights from London to Sydney. In 1,000 hours, you could walk from Trafalgar Square to Edinburgh eight times -provided you never stopped. 

In Invisible Jumpers, Nina Dodd has painstakingly created knitwear to colour-match a range of surroundings, with humans, animals, and bananas alike donning situational camouflage. 

Photographer Joseph Ford’s portraits take on a surrealist edge as his subjects seem to fade into the surroundings, and were so carefully constructed that the whole effect would unravel if photographer or subject moved so much as an inch. As a result, the images possess a singular attention to the absurd, occupying a space between pedestrian and fantastical. 

Invisible Jumpers features shots of 25 knitted pieces, as well as an introduction by celebrated writer, gallerist, and artist Laura Noble, and a detailed run-down on all the pieces at the end.

Invisible Jumpers by Joseph Ford with Nina Dodd & Laura Noble is out 26th September from Hoxton Mini Press (9781910566589, h/b, £12.95)

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