Shout – August Book of the Month

In the late 1990s Laurie Halse Anderson published the groundbreaking novel Speak, about a teenager who stops talking after a sexual assault. Now, two decades on, she is forging a new path once again with her nonfiction follow up – and our Book of the Month for August – Shout.

Written in free verse, Shout reveals the effects of Anderson’s rape at the age of thirteen. It is a profound account of extreme pain and trauma, but also of advocacy, art, and survival. Inspired by her fans and enraged by the lack of progress since Speak was published, Anderson denounces society’s failure to change, and calls women to action through deeply personal accounts from her own life, described here for the first time.

Laurie Halse Anderson is known for her unflinching voice when writing about sexual assault, and as a relentless activist for change and an advocate for survivors. Shout is the culmination of years of work, bringing all of these strands together in one clear rallying cry.

Seriously – does ANYONE write…with the realism, grace, and soul of Laurie Halse Anderson? – Jodi Picoult

Shout is Anderson’s reckoning; it follows a hurting cry to the universe that turns into a hard-won path to healing and ultimately unfolds into a powerful call to action… With Speak, Anderson opened the door for more novels exploring the deeply felt and deeply personal aftermath of sexual violence. Shout serves as both a testament to the life-altering, lifesaving impact of these types of stories – and as an urgent and brutal reminder of their ongoing necessity. – New York Times

20 years after her groundbreaking book Speak was published, acclaimed YA and children’s book writer Laurie Halse Anderson is coming out with an intensely personal follow-up… We don’t exaggerate when we say you should buy Shout for everyone – especially the young men and women – in your life. – Refinery29

Shout is for survivors, for abusers and assaulters, for consenting young men and women, for gatekeepers unwilling to let sex through. Immensely powerful, Shout is for everyone…. as bold (and beautiful) as the title suggests. – Shelf Awareness, starred review

Shout makes a powerful claim that more honest talk about our sexual experiences can only help. – Los Angeles Review of Books

Shout by Laurie Halse Anderson is out on the 29th of August from Text (9781925773682, p/b, £9.99)

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