If Women Rose Rooted – a rallying-cry to the rewilding of womanhood

September Publishing have released a gorgeous new edition of If Women Rose Rooted, a book that has been described as both transformative and essential. Drawing on wise and powerful feminine figures from history, native mythology, and contemporary culture, Sharon Blackie invites the reader to re-position themselves within nature and the land itself, envisioning a new kind of womanhood that is really very ancient indeed.

Here’s just some of the praise If Women Rose Rooted has garnered already:

I love this book. Truly, it’s mind-blowing in the most profound and exhilarating sense. This is an anthem for all we could be, an essential book for this, the most critical of recent times. I sincerely hope every woman who can read is given one, and has the time and the space to read it. – Manda Scott, author of Boudica and Into the Fire

Women have long been told to ‘know our place’. This powerful and inspiring exploration of the female relationship with landscape turns the diktat around, showing us what may be gained from doing just that. – Melissa Harrison, author of Clay and At Hawthorn Time

Blackie does an admirable job of describing a beautiful, rich, intoxicating, messy, terrifying and ultimately illuminating pathway into the heart of the land and of our own souls. Recommended. – Sharon Paice Macleod, SageWoman

If Women Rose Rooted is out now from September Publishing (9781912836017, p/b, £8.99)

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