Escape From Bitch Mountain review – another batch of craziness from the Comic Book Slumber Party


The Comic Slumber Party are back in a new anthology taking their mascot Greasy through the dangers of fantasy gaming and a quest for treasure whilst battling a raging hangover. Featuring some of the most talented female identifying, non-binary and trans creators working in independent comics, their previous work includes Greasy’s Guide to Nookie, Fairytales for Bad B!tches and Deep Space Canine (their first title published by Avery Hill). These titles have gained them quite a following and has turned their non-conforming star character Greasy into a firm favourite. Now it’s time to tackle the world of role playing games in Escape From Bitch Mountain.

bitch mountain 1

Whilst narratively the main goal of this anthology is celebrating the tropes of role playing games of both the video game and table top variety whilst also poking fun at awkward social conventions and internet culture, the main takeaway is the showcase of art variety and storytelling styles. Editor Hannah K. Chapman has done a top job of putting together several different styles that manage to keep a narrative flow. Greasy encounters various creatures on her quest and it never comes across as jarring as the creators pass the baton. Highlights include a recurring pair of wolves whose attempts at maintaining the seriousness of the scenario ends up backfiring on them badly, a musical contest again the Devil with Greasy’s soul on the line and a sphinx who is no good at the art of riddles (or much else for that matter).

bitch mountain 2

All the creators make the most of their pages, especially on the art front. Standouts include April Szafranski who brings an almost Adventure time esque approach to Greasy’s musical confrontation with Satan, and Amy Chase who manages to encapsulate all the best features of Greasy in her confrontation with the wolves ranging from snark to plain old badassery. The Lazy River segment is particularly great though as both Lauren Burke and Lea Vera Tora embrace the RPG aesthetic with combat stats, special armour and water demons all being prominent in their segement along with some killer art that briefly adds a scale of epicness before the whacky side kicks back in.

bitch mountain 3

Anyone who has enjoyed Comic Slumber Party’s past work will find plenty to enjoy in this latest anthology and role playing game lovers are sure to appreciate the love. Beyond that, it is a perfect opportunity to check out the work of some supremely talented creators who are definitely names to keep an eye on.

Escape From Bitch Mountain is out now from Avery Hill

9781910395448 – P/B – £10.00

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