The Archies Vol. 1 review – Archie and the gang hit the road to live the rock band life


When they’re not involved in a love triangle or drinking milkshakes, the Archie gang are also known for their musical endeavours. The Archies was one of the earliest fictional bands in popular music and even have a UK number one to their name with Sugar, Sugar. Therefore, it is only natural in Archie’s recent revamp that the band makes a return.

As has been shown in the main Archie series, one of Archie’s main interests and aspirations is to be a professional musician. Having put together a band with Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Reggie – this series covers his subsequent travels and attempts at cracking the music industry. There is much of the usual drama you’d expect from an Archie comic, but now they have the extra pitfalls of being a band on tour. Whether it being finding somewhere to stay and means to travel, making money or dealing with sleazy promoters – these are all problems the gang suddenly find themselves facing. And of course being around each other 24-seven brings around its own issues such as creative differences and personality clashes.

Both Matthew Rosenberg and Alex Sagura do a top job of merging a typical band road-trip tale with some slightly more out there features of the Archie world. As is tradition, there are plenty of encounters with real life musical acts including Chvrches and Tegan and Sara who both end up helping the band in times of need (Chvrches when Archie finds himself struggling creatively, and it is Tegan and Sara who help the band when they are on the verge of splitting). And when it is time to record their first album, they find it is Blondie acting as producers. But if you’re looking for something harkening back to the more whacky periods of Archie publishing – there’s even get a time travel story which sees the band meeting The Monkees.

Joe Eisma has plenty of experience over various Archie titles now, so he has a great grasp on illustrating all the main characters and teen drama in general. Plus his integration of various popular musicians into the world of Archie whilst still having them resembles their real life counterparts is flawless.

This is a great supplementary title to the main Archie series and anyone looking for a nostalgic call-back to the original Archies will find plenty to enjoy. Modern music fans in general will also definitely get a kick seeing some of the top names in the music industry interacting with Archie and the gang.

The Archies Vol. 1 is out now from Archie Comics

9781682558935 – P/B – £14.99

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