Frank Quitely: Drawing + Sketches – take a glimpse into the work of one of the all-time comic greats…


When discussing the greatest comic artists of the modern era, Frank Quitely’s name definitely has to be in the mix. In a career spanning almost thirty years, he has produced some of the most iconic pieces of comic art across all of the top publishers. From his acclaimed All-Star Superman with Grant Morrison and reimaging of the X-Men in New X-Men to his recent work on Jupiter’s Legacy with Mark Millar, his body of work is basically all must-read material. Now readers have a chance to take a personal look at the behind-the-scenes works that delve deep into Quitely’s creative process.

This book collects a selection of pieces that were part of an exhibition of Quitely’s work at Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. Having kept all of his sketchbooks and never throwing anything away, the variety of sketches on offer year is something to behold. Speaking as someone who is fortunate enough to own a Frank Quitely sketch (Superman from a miraculous appearance by Quitely at a MCM London Comic Con in 2011 – one of the best convention experiences I’ve ever had), I can attest that his work from start to finish is some of the most intricate and stunning comic art you’ll ever see. The variety of the work shown in this collection perfectly illustrates this delving into multiple subjects.

frank quitely sketch
My Frank Quitely sketch. Jealous?

As would be expected there are several pieces that examine his behind-the-scenes work on iconic series such as WE3 and Jupiter’s legacy including cover pieces, character designs and studies, and page breakdowns. But there also plenty of miscellaneous pieces and unreleased gems that any fan will salivate over. This includes commission sketches, promo pieces, his popular variant cover to The Walking Dead #100 featuring the zombie granny, sketches from holidays and even some pieces focusing on Alan Bennett. And to top it all off, the book is packed with commentary from Quitely himself where he describes his creative processes, his collaborations with Grant Morrison and Mark Millar, and much more.

For fans of Frank Quitely, this is an invaluable look into his work and a worthy addition to any collection. Anyone who appreciates great comic art will also find themselves blown away by this showcase of one of the top comic talents of this generation.

Frank Quitely: Drawing + Sketches is out 31 May 2018 from BHP Comics

9781910775097 – H/B – £18.99

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