Chi’s Sweet Adventures Vol. 1 – a new manga series based on the hit Amazon Prime anime series…


Konami Kanata’s Chi’s Sweet Home is seen as one of the definitive cat/pet manga series. Now it’s time for another round of Chi as Japan’s other favourite cat returns in an all-new manga. This time, it’s a series based on the hit CGI Amazon Prime series.

The original manga by Konami Kanata set a very high standard in the slice-of-life/pet genre and the subsequent anime series enabled it to spread to a much wider audience. Naturally, there was a demand for more Chi once the original manga ended. The subsequent CGI series Chi’s Sweet Adventures more than scratched that itch and is currently in its second season. But for those who want something a little closer in style to the original, this adaptation by Kinoko Natsume is ideal.

Anyone who has read Kanata’s previous series will have a good idea of what to expect as the series is very faithful to what has come before it. One of the main strengths of the original series was Kanata’s strong understanding of cat behaviour and that is fortunately carried over in this series. There’s plenty of Chi doing things you’d expect cats to do (marking her territory, choosing inconvenient places to nap and unwitting driving her owners to distraction), whilst also proving she’s not exactly the alpha of her species (struggling to catch prey and being humiliated by a pet parakeet). The storytelling and art style also keeps the feel and tone Kanata previously established making this an easy companion piece to the original series.

Chi’s Sweet Adventures also has the benefit of using a four panel style layout and being made up of short chapters usually only a few pages long. This – along with the subject matter – makes this a prime candidate for an introduction to manga for younger readers. In addition, the artwork is flipped (in this case not a problem as the simple art style doesn’t lose anything when mirrored) making it accessible to complete newbies or younger readers who might take a while to get used to the left-to-right format manga usually has.

Fans of Chi will be delighted for a chance to experience more top-notch cat comics and anyone looking for an introduction to manga for younger readers will be more than satisfied.

Chi’s Sweet Adventures, 1 is out now from Vertical

9781945054822 – P/B – £9.99

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