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David Ziggy Greene is one of few reportage graphic artists working in the UK. Best known for his iconic Scene & Heard column in Private Eye – as well as his work in Charlie Hebdo, TimeOut London and others – David is an adroit interviewer and observer of the real-world impact of bad policy and political turmoil. His illustrations are astute, tender and very funny.

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‘Deceptively intelligent and exceptionally moreish.’

– Charlie Brooker

Times Like These is the first trade collection of Greene’s Scene & Heard columns, following a popular self-published edition that David brought out a few years back. This new edition features his best reports of the past several years, along with nearly 50% of new material. Brand new studies of modern life focus on human hubs – such as airports, A&E, the courts, protests, festivals – in all their personal, political and peculiar forms.

‘Greene is one of the most important cartoonists working today.’

– David Squires, Guardian cartoonist

This insightful, sharp-witted and entertaining collection exposes the realities behind recent political turmoil. It also offers a new, wryly funny, way to observe the state of our nation, our eccentricity, and a peculiarly British resilience.

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‘A refreshing piece of unbiased reporting in a sea of cynicism.’

– Miranda Sawyer, writer & broadcaster

So far, the comics community is loving Times Like These, with fantastic coverage from Forbidden Planet International (including a Director’s Commentary by David) and Bleeding Cool. Orbital Comics made it a staff pick!

‘Scene and Heard does the opposite of that soul-crushing dehumanisation that much of the modern media creates … Times Like These is a beautiful example of the power of the comics medium.’

Forbidden Planet International

 ‘[Times Like These] is a ride through humanity. Which, yes, is often hideous but the details are fascinating. Greene’s pen-line makes sure of that.’

Bleeding Cool

Women's March

Times Like These is published by September Publishing on 1 May 2018.

Super-fans can pick up a copy with an exclusive signed bookplate from Gosh Comics.

David Ziggy Greene’s reports will be on display during an exhibition at Orbital Comics from May 11th-31st, with a special signing and Q&A taking place on May 26th.

David will appear at a special V&A members’ event on May 24th.

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