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For those looking for a new fix of zany manga comedy, this all-new series from Nichijou creator Keiichi Arawi is bound to scratch that itch. Midori is in a bit of a bind. She is in debt, and her landlady is trying to shake her down for unpaid rent. Her best friend refuses to loan her cash since she’s wised up to her tricks. Maybe some bullying would help. Or a bit of petty theft? Neither is sustainable. Maybe getting a job would settle things… But working means less time for fun adventures in the big city…

Arawi’s work on Nichijou has built a strong rep amongst comedy manga fans and the subsequent anime adaptation turned the series into a firm fan favourite. Fans will therefore know exactly what to expect with this new series and they won’t be disappointed. Firstly from an art standpoint, every page is a pure joy. Arawi has a deceptively detailed style that packs tons of little details into each panel and always enhances the actions taking place. The characters also measure up to the zany high standards he has established in his previous work with perpetual freeloader Midori being a particularly great main character.

Like Nichijou, CITY is at its best when it manages to create insane comedy out of fairly mundane situations. Midori’s struggles to find a way to pay her rent and her relentless landlady make up the best parts of this opening volume. Arawi deserves extra praise in how he is able to get his brand of comedy out of situations that might come off as depressing to some (job hunting and the need to pay rent are never pleasant situations). But when you have a protagonist like Midori, Arawi makes it very easy for any sympathetic feelings you may have to fly out of the window. Whether it be theft of a valuable statue or her discovery of who exactly she’ll be working for as a consequence of her actions, she is the perfect vessel for Arawi’s brand of chaos.

Any manga fans that love insane comedy and have not experienced Arawi’s work need to check this out. For any fans of Nichijou, this is a more than perfect follow-up.

CITY 1 is out 29 March 2018 from Vertical

9781945054785 – P/B – £10.99

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