Spider-Man/Deadpool by Joe Kelly & Ed McGuinness – Two of Marvel’s funniest characters at their very best…


When you think of the definitive Deadpool runs, Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness’ run has to be near or at the top. The first creative team to helm a Deadpool ongoing, their run helped establish the blueprint for the style of storytelling that Deadpool would become popular for in the coming years. Fast forward to 2015, the pair reunited to return to the character that established their reputation in comics. But this time, it’s with a bit of bromance as Spider-Man is forced to share the spotlight with the Merc-With-The-Mouth in one of Marvel’s funniest series in recent memory.

Whilst both have a penchant for witty banter, even Spider-Man’s patience is tried by the sheer insanity left in Deadpool’s wake and his obsession with him and Spidey being best pals. But this budding bromance is put to an immediate test when outside forces not only hire Deadpool to assassinate Peter Parker, but also combine both of their genetics to create the twisted Itsy-Bitsy.

Several writers have had success when it comes to writing the Deadpool character, but Joe Kelly is still number one on that list. The quips are aplenty and it takes a special degree of talent to make each quip unique to Spider-Man and Deadpool’s characters as it is an easy mistake to make them interchangeable. Despite the heavy emphasis on comedy, Kelly takes the series in several interesting directions including Spider-Man having an encounter with Mephisto that may or may not harken back to the controversial last meeting of the pair. But the main highlights are the clashes with Itsy-Bitsy who brings a darker side out of Spider-Man we don’t see often. Deadpool’s concern that someone he looks up to and admires might head down a path of which there is no return takes the series in a surprisingly deep direction. The conclusion is definitely more intense Spidey material than you’ll currently find elsewhere.

Ed McGuinness has for a long time now been regarded as a superstar artist, so to see him get to cut loose on both Spider-Man and Deadpool is particularly satisfying. His ability to switch between humour and drama is unparalleled. Special credit also to the twisted design of Itsy-Bitsy who is far more terrifying than she should have any right being.

This is one of the best comics featuring Spider-Man or Deadpool released in recent years. Fans won’t want to miss seeing this incredible run from two of the comic industry’s top talent all in one place.

Spider-Man/Deadpool by Joe Kelly & Ed McGuinness is out 20 March 2018 from Marvel

9781302903725 – H/B £29.50

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