Inside Moebius Part 1 – Take a look inside the mind of the legendary French comic creator…


This latest entry in Dark Horse’s Moebius Library imprint marks another English language debut with Moebius final and most personal project – Inside Moebius. Whilst the previous entries covered one of his classic works (The World of Edena), this is a Moebius at his true creative peak as we are not only given a unique perspective of his creative process but also get a look at a very interesting period of his life.

Many of the classic stories Moebius is best known for were done under the influence of marijuana. Inside Moebius acts as a diary during a period he decided to quit drugs, and examines how both his creative process and mental health were affected by this change in lifestyle. There are no punches pulled when it comes to pointing out the flaws he perceives in himself and his work. His opening statement claims that smoking does not make his art better, but Moebius quickly finds himself struggling with this view as he finds it harder than usual to bring his ideas to paper.

It even comes to the point where his own creations start mocking him and he is confronted by a younger version of himself who has high expectations considering the work Moebius has produced in the past. He also finds himself wondering if his work is commercially viable as he fears that he is only writing for himself and not doing the sort of work that fans expect of him. To make matters worse, his worries about the events happening in the real world start to seep in with 9/11 weighing particularly on his mind. This leads to one of the highlights of the book where Moebius and Major Grubert have a debate with his interpretation of the leader of the terrorists where he tries to understand why anyone would commit such atrocious acts.

It is a fascinating exercise in self-reflection made all the better by Moebius being willing to poke fun at himself as well. Particularly in the parts revolving around his older characters which he seems to have writers block when it comes to writing them. This results in a particularly humorous part where he literally abandons his most famous creation Blueberry mid story, leaving him to have to fend for himself without a plot or direction.

The Moebius Library has already produced several must-own pieces of comic history and the first part of Inside Moebius is a worthy addition to that imprint. No one should miss this chance to take a look into the mind and creative processes of one of comics’ all-time greats.

Moebius Library: Inside Moebius Part 1 is out now from Dark Horse

9781506703206 – H/B – £33.50

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