Inhumans: Once and Future Kings – Take a look back at the history of the Inhuman royal family…



With the Inhumans currently experiencing a revival within the Marvel Universe, their vast history can be a tad intimidating. Luckily Marvel have just the thing for any newcomers or those looking for a refresher course with the Once and Future Kings standalone mini-series. When the king of the Inhumans is attacked, young Black Bolt and Maximus spring into action to save their leader! But when Black Bolt loses control, what are the consequences for his future kingdom – and his own family? It’s a pivotal moment in Black Bolt and Maximus’ lives… and a turning point for the entire Inhuman race!

As well as a great primer piece to the Inhuman family, this series also marks Christopher Priest’s return to Marvel. Best known for writing what many call the definitive run of Black Panther, Priest has a strong history with Marvel and has always had a good grasp on the characters that make up the MU. This series give him an opportunity to explore all the major Inhuman characters and what results is a great Inhumans tale with a classic feel. With most of the action taking place away from Attilan in New York, we get some great fish out of water moments as the royal family struggle to remain on the low and not be at each other’s throats whilst their guide/Alpha primitive Elisha stirs the pot. The character work in this storyline is very on point, particularly Medusa who is far more impulsive and hot headed than the meticulous and wise queen she later becomes, and Maximus who maintains the nasty and manipulative streak he is best known for. Black Bolt also gets to shine with a lot of focus being brought onto his strict upbringing and training as a result of his Inhuman abilities. And with this being a story set in the past, we get a chance to see the younger Inhumans interact with younger versions of classic characters including a very fun encounter with a relatively inexperienced Spider-Man.

Phil Noto is a perfect fit on the art front. His art has been a highlight of every series he has worked on whether it be Black Widow, Star Wars or X-23, and this series is no exception. His paints give everything an extra epic feel that is a perfect fit for the Inhumans’ world whilst also managing to present a modern style with a classic vibe at the same time. This is easily one of the best looking comics that’s currently hitting the shelves.

A perfect introduction to the Inhuman family and a worthy return for Christopher Priest to the Marvel Universe! Anyone looking to get into Inhumans or current fans looking for a great standalone story will be more than satisfied.

Inhumans: Once And Future Kings is out 20 February 2018 from Marvel

9781302909406 – P/B £13.50

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