November Graphic Novel of the Month – Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Captain Phasma


This December sees the release of perhaps the most anticipated film of 2017 as JJ Abrams continues his epic revival/continuation of the Star Wars series. All indications seem to be pointing to The Last Jedi being as big a hit as its 2015 predecessor The Force Awakens. And just like with that film, Marvel are releasing the perfect title to ease you back into the Star Wars universe before you see the new film. This time, the focus is on one of the standout new characters of The Force Awakens – the villainous Captain Phasma.

Already boasting a distinct look with her chrome coloured storm trooper design, Phasma filled the Bobba Fett role in the film but with a markedly more sadistic streak.  However, as intriguing as she was, she did not get the same level of attention as the other new characters introduced in the film. But this is remedied in this new mini-series that – although won’t be giving you an origin or backstory – will give you a solid look at Phasma’s character and personality whilst also answering the question of how she survived the destruction of Starkiller Base and what she has been doing in the meantime.

Kelly Thompson has worked on plenty of comics featuring heroic female characters to great success (Hawkeye, A-Force, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), but this is her first work based around a villainous character. She immediately proves herself at strongly adept in this area as Phasma is quite a refreshing type of villain compared to the usual fare. Phasma is all about self-preservation and she has no qualms about bending any rules or morals to make sure she survives. This is not limited to stabbing her allies in the back, stitching them up and falsifying reports to her superiors. Thompson also provides some great original characters that whether allied or opposed to Phasma have not seen much in the way of benefits from associating with her.

On the art front, Marco Checchetto makes his return. Now an established hand in Marvel’s Star Wars comics with his work on Journey to the Force Awakens, Obi Wan and Anakin and the recent Screaming Citadel, he has truly perfected a cinematic style that makes him a perfect fit for the Star Wars universe. Whether it be space itself, the Starkiller base or Phasma herself, Checchetto manages to always hit the perfect notes whether it is trying to establish fear, wonder or action. He is well on his way to becoming one of the definitive Star Wars artists.

This is the perfect lead-in to The Last Jedi if you need a refresher before getting back into Star Wars. Hardcore fans will also appreciate this new exploration of one of the most intriguing new characters in the series whilst at the same time building on the great library of Marvel Star Wars comics.

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Star Wars: Journey To Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Captain Phasma is published by Marvel on 28th November 2017 (£14.50,  Paperback, 9780785194552)

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