The two new books from Europa Editions that you need to put on your reading list

On a recent Friday afternoon, both The Living Infinite by Chantel Acevedo and Return to the Dark Valley by Santiago Gamboa, landed on my desk – a pretty good send off for the weekend by my standards. These new texts are published by Europa Editions, and they offer a good insight as to why we love Europa Editions in the Turnaround office. It’s time to get these onto your reading list and bump them up to the top.

The Living Infinite by Chantel Acevedo

Historical fiction. I know what you’re thinking: dull. However, this book’s adventure, inspired by true events, sees an outspoken Spanish princess, that has faced exile and a failed marriage, travel to Cuba then the US under a guise: she says she’s there to represent the Bourbon dynasty, but really she wants to publish her scandalous memoir, which if published threatens have a huge impact. So think again – history doesn’t need to be a heavy or off-putting genre.

“Fresh, fast-moving historical fiction from a master storyteller.”
– Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

“Who could be a better literary companion than a Spanish princess who grew up in exile, endured a loveless marriage, and crossed the seas to the United States (to publish her scandalous autobiography, of course)? The defiant, adventurous spirit of Eulalia gleams throughout this historical novel, based on a real woman who lived in the late 19th century.” – Elle Magazine

“[An] irresistible read.” – Bustle

“A vivid and enthralling tale of love and redemption.” – Booklist

Return to the Dark Valley by Santiago Gamboa

Described as being a work about “gritty Central and South American lives from an underground Colombian literary voice”, Gamboa’s writing style really is just that. Far from being simply commercial fiction, there is a literary tone that makes this book a pleasure to read. Gamboa is a writer to watch, especially as his work receives increasingly mainstream attention.  The abundance of reviews show that Gamboa’s storytelling has a lot to give.

“A complex, challenging story that speaks to the terror and dislocation of the age.”  Kirkus Reviews

“Noir-inflected [and] sprawling…Return to the Dark Valley is packed with vibrant characters and gripping stories.” – Huffington Post

“An unsettling and brilliant document of contemporary life; highly recommended.” – Library Journal (Starred Review)

By Tanyel

The Living Infinite by Chantel Acevedo (Europa Editions, 9781609454302, p/b, £12.99)

Return to the Dark Valley by Santiago Gamboa (Europa Editions, 9781609454258, p/b, £13.99)

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