Stunning June titles from Simply Read

We have a fabulous array of titles from Simply Read this June and to celebrate we’ve decided to highlight each one! Simply Read produces beautiful picture books that promote prominent themes for youngsters, as well as being entertaining and captivating.

First up is Capital by Award-winning Portuguese artist, Afonso Cruz. A satirical, wordless, cautionary tale about the power of capital and the consequences of greed.


Capital S1

Capital by Afonso Cruz releases on 22nd June 2017  (£13.99, h/b, 40pp, 9781772290059)

Next, we have the Maddalena by Laura Orsolini whose beautiful, vintage-style illustrations bring delight to the pages of this thoughtful story about a girl and her doll who grapple with the challenges of being apart from the ones they love.



Maddalena by Laura Orsolini releases on 22nd June 2017  (£13.99, h/b, 36pp, 9781772290073)

Every day is full of endless possibilities – especially TODAY!

Multiple award-winning author Julie Morstad brings us an exquisite, modern take on classic ‘everything’ books like Oh, What a Busy Day by Gyo Fujikawa and Richard Scarry’s Best Storybook Ever.



Today by Julie Morstad releases on 22nd June 2017 (£12.99, h/b, 40pp, 9781927018682)

The third book in the Tiny Tails series explores the notion of self-control in a playful way.

Splash is a little sea serpent who makes big splashes. But sea serpents need to be quiet sometimes. Will Splash learn how to keep calm?



“… a sweetly fantastic addition to the early-reader shelf.” Kirkus Reviews on Flare (Tiny Tails #2)

Splash by Kallie George releases on 22nd June 2017 (£11.99, h/b, 44pp, 9781927018774)

Slush Mountain is a funny, loving, and irreverent tribute to winter cabin and ski culture, from hot chocolate and snowmen to daredevil show-offs and silly fashion choices, created by award-winning Norwegian illustrator Bjorn Rune Lie.



Slush Mountain by Bjorn Rune Lie releases on 22nd June 2017 (£13.99, h/b, 32pp, 9781927018828) 

In this tale inspired by Moby Dick, one harpooner and one boy must face the rigours of life on a whaling vessel, hunting the largest thing that has ever lived.



The Whalemaster by Michael Moniz releases on 22nd June 2017 (£8.99, p/b, 235pp, 9781927018798) 

Children will fall in love with this fun picture book full of strange creatures waking up in wondrous worlds – they may even start making up their own ways to say “good morning!”

good morn


The Good Morning Book by Lori Smith releases on 30th June 2017 (£8.99, h/b, 24pp, 9781772290042) 

A retelling of an ancient West Coast First Nations’ tale about a young woman’s intimate encounter with the bears chronicles her transformation experiences. Both story and pictures teach children the importance of respecting and honouring nature and animals.



The Woman Who Married a Bear by Elizabeth James releases on 30th June 2017 (£12.99, h/b, 32pp, 9781927018651) 

Everyone in the ocean can make music, except for Wendell the Narwhal. His big, pointy horn can’t go “pop” or “clappy clap clap” or even “whoosh”. Will Wendell find a way to join in with symphony of sea creatures?



“Teamwork helps a narwhal to participate in an underwater orchestra…Contained in a charmingly diminutive trim, the muted paintings of the various ocean dwellers stand out against an oceanic green background…” –Kirkus Reviews

Wendell the Narwhal by  Emily Dove releases on 30th June 2017 (£12.99, h/b, 36pp, 9781927018668) 

A nighttime adventure begins when two friends share a cup of tea—by diving in off a teaspoon! The lilting rhyming text and gorgeous illustrations make Teatime a classic storybook that brings to mind the poems of A Child’s Garden of Verses.



Teatime by Tiffany Stone, illustrated by Jori van der Linde releases on 30th June 2017 (£11.99, h/b, 32pp, 9781927018675) 

Jayde is an adorable jaybird with a tiny left wing and a big voice. Although it’s not easy keeping up with the others, it doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves… singing.



Jayde the Jaybird by Brandee Buble, illustrated by Eliska Liska releases on 30th June 2017 (£12.99, h/b, 32pp, 9781927018699) 

A young prince loves to read storybooks and share them with the many friends that come to visit him at the castle. The dragon loves stories about witches, and the witch loves stories about trolls. But what story is the prince’s favourite?



The Storybook Prince by Doug Keith releases on 30th June 2017 (£12.99, h/b, 40pp, 9781927018750) 

All the copycat – a literally made-of-paper, printed out cat – wants is to play with the real cats, but they aren’t interested. In this playful wordless picture book, the copycat must learn to make his own way rather than copying others… and he might even make some friends in the process.



Copycat by Stephanie Sim releases on 30th June 2017 (£12.99, h/b, 32pp, 9781927018767) 

The hardcover edition of When You Were Small won the 2007 Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award, won First Prize at the 2007 Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design, was shortlisted for the 2007 Amelia Frances Howard-GIbbon Illustrator’s Award, and was a 2007 CanWest Raise a Reader Beginning Reader Pick.




When You Were Small by Sara O’Leary, illustrated by Julie Morstad releases on 30th June 2017 (£6.99, p/b, 40pp, 9781772290080) 


Sam the hedgehog sets off to find his own place to live and quickly does – in a lovely tree in a nice forest. There’s only one important thing missing: friends. Will the others welcome him?



The New Arrival by Vanya Nastanlieva releases on 30th June 2017 (£6.99, p/b, 40pp, 9781772290097) 

A QUEST FOR PEACE… Every good wizard of Een undertakes the search to find Arazeen, a mythical state of peace and wonder. But war is coming. As Shuuunga the Unger witch marches upon the Land of Een with an army of monsters, thousands strong, Kendra must somehow find the power within to stand up for her people – and herself.



Kendra Kandlestar And The Search For Arazeen by Lee Fodi releases on 30th June 2017 (£6.99, p/b, 320pp, 9781927018293) 


And that concludes our wonderful list of Simply Read books for June! Stay tuned for more stunning content from this unique children’s publisher. 



Post by Sarah