Which ‘Bastard’ Are You Most Like??

Royal Bastards Final Cover

Find out which character from Royal Bastards you most suit in our funabulous quiz. *Don’t worry there are NO major spoilers! (Pinky swear)

In case you missed it, Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts will be releasing on 6th June; a breathtaking new YA fantasy-adventure crossover that will have Game of Thrones fans rejoicing! You can find out more in my blog post, an exclusive extract of the novel AND a Q&A with the author himself .

So… let’s get started then!

Answer the below questions as honestly as possible, you’ll noticed that each one has a letter next to them – a,b,c,d,e. When you’ve finished the quiz, all you have to do is count the number of letters you ended up with – the mostly frequently picked letter will indicate which character you are. Obviously, if you have a clear split between letters then you’ve got a bit of each character in you.

Pretty simple huh? Then get moving and find out which ‘bastard’ you’re most like! And no peeking at the results!!

1. How confident are you?

(b) VERY. Almost cocky.

(a) Confident enough.

(e) I appear more confident than I am.

(d) My confidence stems out of naivety.

(c) I struggle with confidence.

2. What’s more important to you?

(e) Love

(c) Loyalty

(b) The ability to make people laugh

(a) Family

(d) The well-being of others

3. What is your weapon of choice?

(b) Fists

(e) Sword

(d) Magic

(c) Cunning

(a) Courage

4. How would you describe your relationship with your father?

(d) Perfect!

(e) Complicated

(c) Meh

(b) Non-existent

(a) Strained

5. Do you have a good relationship with your mother?

(d) Of course!

(a) I miss her

(b) Yes

(e) She’s a distant memory

(c) We’re very close, almost too close

6. Do you make friends easily?

(b) Friends are boring. How about friends with benefits? 😉

(a) Fairly easy.

(c) Not really. I struggle to make friends.

(e) If I choose to.

(d) Yes, I love making new friends!!

7. Do you have good grasp of how the world works?

(a) I thought so… but maybe I’m wrong?

(d) Nope, no clue!

(b) Unfortunately

(e) Meh

(c) The world will work how I want it too

8. How do you see the world?

(e) A dark abyss

(d) Filled with roses and sunshine

(a) A grey cloud of nothing

(c) The world is what I make it to be

(b) Filled with so much potential 😉

9. If you could be anything who would you be?

(e) A warrior

(d) A sorcerer

(a) Someone who’s loved to their fullest

(b) A dashing hero/heroine

(c) Someone with status

10. Pick your perfect place.

(a) Where I feel free

(c) Castle

(d) Palace

(e) Countryside/Forest

(b) Wherever the people I love want to live


The Results! (See Below)

Mostly A’sTilla: The one to lead your group. You provide the guidance and leadership in times of trouble. Courageous, with the ability to cope with tough situations, you have a strong and versatile character. You are also stubborn, perceptive and headstrong which means that you don’t follow others blindly and are able to make the hard decisions in life, even if it’s at your own expense.

Mostly B’sJax: The ‘joker’ or ‘clown’ of the group. You have the ability to make people laugh in their darkest moments or just in general as you’ve got a super chirpy character. You’re the most confident out of your social circle, some may even say cocky, as well as being a bit of a flirt.. You may create the impression of being carefree and jovial, but when it comes down to it, you are incredibly protective and unequivocally loyal to the people you care about.

Mostly C’sMiles: You can be classed as the ‘brains’. Intelligent, knowledgeable and resourceful, you are the one to find a solution to a problem long before anyone else can. You are cautious by nature and can be a little reserved, you’d probably prefer to read a book than go out partying! You can also be slightly obsessive, and may be inclined to act on your emotions before thinking things through.

Mostly D’sLyriana: The sweet one. You are bubbly, caring and innocent. You probably love nature and animals, and genuinely want to do some good in the world. You may have lead a bit of a sheltered life but that doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to survive in the world. You hold hidden abilities that others aren’t aware of; your strength knows no bounds. You’ve got a terribly endearing character, others may find you irritating at first but once they get to know how special you really are, they can’t help but love you.

Mostly E’sZell: The strong silent type. You are the ‘rock’ of the group. You keep everyone grounded. Even though you may naturally fade into the background you are always there to make sure everyone is safe – and with your skill level in physical combat, you always come out on top. Athletic, disciplined and stoic, you make the perfect solider or warrior. Behind you’re stony mask though, is a deep well of emotion and you care a whole lot more than others think you do. In difficult circumstances, you always have your team’s back no matter what. You may have led a hard or difficult life emotionally, and you may carry a heavy burden as a result, but you never let that show, nor allow anyone other than yourself to shoulder your responsibilities. In fact, you may take on more than you can handle and frequently feel responsible for what happens to other people even though you are not to blame.

If you are as excited about Royal Bastards as we are and want to WIN a FREE copy of the novel, then look out for our upcoming competition created specially to celebrate the release of the book!

Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts is published by Disney-Hyperion on 6th June 2017

(£16.99, h/b, 352pp, 9781484767658)

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