My Valley by Claude Ponti (Elsewhere Editions)

Elsewhere Editions are the latest children’s literary imprint everyone needs to hear about! This publisher – an imprint of Archipelago Books – is devoted to translating imaginative works of children’s literature from all corners of the world.

The first book from Elsewhere Editions is My Valley, by Claude Ponti, one of France’s most celebrated children’s writers. His works create captivating fictional universes through wordplay and illustrations of incredible detail and beauty. In 2006, he was awarded the Prix Sorcières Spécial for his lifetime achievement.

In My Valley, Ponti leads us on a journey through the enchanted world of the Twims (tiny, extremely lovable, monkey-like creatures), a universe where uprooted buildings soar through the sky, trees keep the secrets you whisper to them, magic seeds grow into huge ships, and singing stones make children’s wishes come true.

Ponti has said of his works, “My stories are like fairytales, always situated in the marvelous, speaking to the interior life and emotions of children. That way each child can get what they want out of the images: the characters and dreams are their own.”

My Valley is a large-format, quarter-bound, full-colour, beautifully produced children’s book of the highest calibre. Here we offer a preview of this truly beautiful book:

My Valley by Claude Ponti (translated by Alyson Waters)
9780914671626  h/b  £19.99

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