The Complete Book of Dreams and What They Mean GIVEAWAY! Five copies for five lucky winners!

For those of you like me, who are fascinated by their dreams, will find respected professor, Leonard Ashley’s book to be a treasure chest full of spiritual, religious and scientific theories on dreaming! Packed with enchanting illustrations and a list of dream symbol analysis, The Complete Book of Dreams and What They Mean will open your mind to the possibilities and provide you with well-researched and provocative material.


The further I read into the theories Ashley presented, the more I wondered about the actual act of dreaming. What does it mean by falling into a ‘deep’ enough sleep that we begin to dream? How do we accomplish this? Why do we need to? I began to wonder whether it was possible for our soul to travel to a different plane entirely. Could it be true, that when a nightmare takes form we have been temporarily possessed by a demon? (as believed by some religious groups).


Most interesting, was the exploration of premonitions. The ability to see the future is believed to be impossible by many and something of a supernatural attribute. Yet, Ashley provides evidence of those who have had experiences of predicting future events which begs the question on what exactly happens, or where we go, when we dream.

The Complete Book of Dreams and What They Mean is a little gold mine of dream theories and symbol analysis; perfect for all who are enthralled by dreams, the occult and the supernatural. A great way to discover a little more about the other side of our reality; the warped, the weird and the wonderful!


And so, we are giving away 5 FANTASTIC copies of The Complete Book of Dreams and What They Mean by Leonard Ashley!

All you have to do is comment on this post and let us know your weirdest, wackiest dream or even better, tell us about a premonition you’ve experienced! Please do be honest in your descriptions; the spirits will know if you aren’t and we wouldn’t want to upset them now would we? #HonestyIsTheBestPolicy 

You have until the 27th March to submit, after which time the marketing team will select the five wackiest dream experiences and announce the winners on Wednesday 29th.             Please note this competition is for UK readers only.

Best of luck and may the spirits be with you!

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