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Last week saw the debut of the new TV drama Riverdale (streaming weekly on Netflix in the UK) introducing the world of Archie to a new generation of fans. Now if you were looking to get into the comics as a result, it might seem a tad intimidating when you take into account Archie Comics’ 70+ year history. Fortunately, Archie have made it easy for you with this new collection of opening chapters from the recent revamp of their most popular titles.

In 2015, the Archie world was given a new start with all their characters getting a modern makeover from some of the top names working in comics today. The main Archie book would see a successful revival at the hands of the superstar team of Mark Waid (Daredevil, Kingdom Come) and Fiona Staples (Saga) giving Riverdale a modern touch whilst still retaining the charm and humour of the original series. Similarly, Betty and Veronica, Jughead and Josie and The Pussycats would be reimagined by the likes of Adam Hughes, Chip Zdarsky, Marguerite Bennett and Erica Henderson. It was these new takes on Archie that would directly inspire the new TV series.

As an introduction to the world of Archie whether you are looking to get into the comics or need a primer to the TV series, Road to Riverdale is the ideal place to start. Not only are you introduced to all the series’ most important characters but you also get to sample the work of some of the best creators in comics who have been perfectly assigned for each of their respective titles. From an art standpoint, Fiona Staples is one of the very best right now, Erica Henderson of Squirrel Girl fame is a perfect fit for Jughead and Adam Hughes’ work on Betty and Veronica is the perfect match. Writing wise, Mark Waid has long been one of the top writers of comics in general and whilst Archie is out of his usual remit, he proves himself perfectly capable of depicting teen life from both a comedic and dramatic standpoint. Chip Zdarsky is one of the funniest writers in comics period (read Howard The Duck if you don’t believe me) and he has a natural voice for Archie’s long-time friend.

Archie has never been more accessible to new fans and this is the perfect opportunity to jump in. Riverdale has only just started airing so there’s no excuse not to give this great introduction to the current series a look.

Road to Riverdale is published 02 February by Archie Comics

9781682559727 – P/B – £12.99

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