Nick Cave and Morrissey Veganuary Cookbook GIVEAWAY!

For anyone nobly struggling through ‘Veganuary’ – we at Turnaround salute you! I merely got as far as considering it for approximately 10 seconds: I can cope with many things but milkless tea is not one of them.  I love vegetables, but I know my limits.

Comfort Eating with Nick Cave and Defensive Eating with Morrissey are (admittedly) humorous takes on vegan cookery but with the added bonus of actually containing bona drag fide wonderful, simple vegan recipes, created by Joshua Ploeg.

9781621066132                    9781621062035

Both books, by the superbly named Automne Zingg, began life as zines based on doodles the author made during an especially bleak year. These included Nick Cave weeping whilst eating ice cream; Siouxsie Sioux chowing down on tacos; Sisters of Mercy gorging on Cinnabons, and finally Morrissey – ‘because everyone wanted to see Morrissey putting things in his mouth. Who wouldn’t?’

These titles don’t have pictures of the finished dishes – but incredible illustrations of Morrissey and Nick Cave (depending on your preference!) combining zine art and recipes, because why not? A new breed of cookbook is born!


Including recipes such as vegan chili, tacos, banana cream pie, crème brulee and funeral potatoes (Nick Cave); mushroom burger, devil food cake, dreamsicle and vegan bologna (Morrissey) – all of which are easy to make and sound immensely tasty, even to a confirmed meat-eater like myself.



The bias towards comfort eating make these dishes perfect – some may say essential! – for coping with the January blues whilst trying to uphold Veganuary, or else to invigorate your everyday vegan diet. The marvellous illustrations and witty song lyric pun recipes will also bring much needed joy to this, the bleakest of months.


And so we are giving away 5 pairs of books!

To win simply tweet us @turnarounduk your own funniest food puns based on Morrissey and/or Nick Cave song lyrics, using the hashtag #turnaroundveganuary


You have until the 19th January to submit, after which the marketing team will select the five best puns and announce the winners on Friday 20th. Please note this competition is for UK readers only.




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