Weapons of the Metabaron – A stand-alone chapter of the Metabaron’s Past

9781594651632This week, we take a look at a re-release of a chapter in the past of the Metabaron mythology as Alexandro Jodorowsky along with artists Travis Charest and Zoran Janjetov reveal how the greatest warrior in the universe built his arsenal.

Assisted by the eight ancient wise men at the centre of the Ennead universe, The Metabaron must find and conquer Praxis (the sword of dream), Omnigraal (the living chalice), the Transpineal Eye (a wilful micro-computer) and the Omphal (a heart-beating asteroid) in this self-contained tale.

This majority of this tale is an extended flashback brought on by the eight ancient wise men as a way to restore his lost memory. To amplify this effect, artist duties are divided between Zoran Janjetov – who handles the action taking place in the present – and Travis Charest – who handles the flashback sequence. This provides a great opportunity to see two top comic talents take on the Metabaron world. Janjetov has plenty of experience working with Jodorowsky on The Technopriests and Before the Incal so there’s a natural chemistry on display in his pages. They also serve as a great framing device for the flashback sequence which Charest brings all his experience from years on action comics such as WildC.A.T.s, various Marvel titles and Star Wars to bring some truly eye-catching art with incredible detail, action sequences and creepy aliens on display that serves to quicken the pace and bring up the tension from the more tranquil mood that Janjetov initially establishes.

Naturally this is a story best enjoyed having read the previous entries in the Metabarons saga. But as a standalone adventure, newcomers will not find it difficult to jump aboard this chapter. Jodorowsky makes the most of the pages at his disposal to get to the essence of what defines the Metabaron character and packs it full of the action and some of the best sci-fi you’ll see in comics. He also uses this standalone chapter to take the series on an almost supernatural diversion as the Metabaron searches for the universe’s most powerful weapons in his dreams which makes for suitably insane moments.

Fans of Metabarons and Jodorowsky in general will have a lot of fun with this standalone entry and it is also a great jumping on point for any newcomer to the series. For anyone who wants to see a great sci-fi action comic along with some of the most detailed art you’ll ever see, this is one to check out.

Weapons Of The Metabaron is out now from Humanoids

9781594651632 – H/B £14.99

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