Psycho-Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami Volume 1 – A prequel to the hit anime series


One of the biggest anime hits in recent years has been the sci-fi crime drama Psycho-Pass. From the mind of Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero), the series explores a dystopian future where the public’s mental state is constantly being scanned and monitored to gauge the possibility of crime being committed which is subsequently policed by the Enforcers of the Public Safety Bureau. The series is a firm favourite with fans with a sequel series and film produced along with an upcoming video game. Naturally, a manga tie-in was inevitable. The first of two series to be released is a prequel focusing on co-protagonist Shinya Kogami in his days as an ace detective prior to his demotion.

An artificial organ with a numbered brand is the key piece of evidence that leads Section 3 to a network of organ smuggling! They must set up a complicated trap in order to catch the culprit! However the real perpetrator may not be who they think it is…

One of the first great things about this series is the art from Natsuo Sai which is very faithful to the style established in the series to the point where it looks like it has stepped off the screen. All the characters look great and Sai switches between the action and investigative scenes with ease. But great art still needs a great story, and Midori Gotou has produced a great addition to the Psycho-Pass world.

This prequel puts Kogami with a different crew from the people he would later work with in the main series which give Gotou carte blanche to do with them as she wishes as they do not appear in the anime, thereby providing her with the opportunity to examine the system this world is run by and the thoughts of those enforcing it. But more importantly, we get a look into Kogami’s life and personality at the peak of his law enforcement career before his eventual demotion. As a standalone crime drama, this volume also succeeds with detective work from the main cast making up the majority of the story and an intriguing case which hints at something larger at work makes for a promising start.

Fans of Psycho-Pass looking for another fix will relish this opportunity to explore the past of one of the series’ co-protagonists and it is also a great jumping on point for anyone who has not yet seen the anime whilst being a great crime drama to boot.

Psycho-pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami Volume 1 is out now from Dark Horse

9781506701202 – P/B £9.99

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