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A bit of a divergence this week as we visit the revitalised genre of the colouring book!

In recent years, colouring books have seen a resurgence in popularity, particularly in the adult market where grown-ups have been colouring in their favourite celebrities or fictional characters. However, there has yet to be a colouring book with the Merc With A Mouth gracing the pages. That is about to change.

In Marvel’s own words:

What’s black and white and red all over? The Deadpool Colouring Book when you’ve finished with it! Say goodbye to your scarlet pens and crimson pencils as you bring to life page after page of pinups featuring the claret-clad clown who’s one-in-a-vermilion! Or if you’re feeling anarchic, why not conduct your own Crayon X experiment and take an all-hue, all-different approach? Whether you’re embellishing a Jade Wilson or a Merc With the Mauve, you have the power to usher Deadpool into a bold new fuchsia. With 60 pages of line art by some of the finest illustrators ever to regenerate your favourite degenerate, hours of fun await. Grab yourself a chimichanga in one hand, a colouring implement in the other, and go wild!

Deadpool in recent years has seen his popularity explode. Once a cult favourite among Marvel’s most ardent readers, he now has a fandom that has expanded above and beyond the comic reading audience. Whether it be his appearances in various Marvel video games or the many cosplayers you see at any convention, you would be hard-pressed to not catch some glimpse of him. And with the Deadpool movie hitting screens on February 10, Deadpool-mania is pretty close to fever pitch. It is therefore fitting that he is the star in the latest edition of Marvel’s new colouring book line.

Deadpool has had the good fortune to have some of comic’s greatest illustrators contribute to his series over the years. These include mega stars such as Ed McGuinness (whose 90s run alongside writer Joe Kelly is seen by many as the definitive take on the character) and Walking Dead and Fear Agent co-creator Tony Moore (who alongside Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn launched the highly successful 2012 volume). Of course, there are many others featured alongside these two but to list them all would take too long. All you need to know is that every era of the Merc With The Mouth is represented, so there is more than enough pages for you to go crazy with your red pen or pencil (or any other colour if you’re feeling adventurous).

As the time approaches when Deadpool will be the only thing on comicdom and movie goers’ minds, Color Your Own Deadpool is not only a great entry into the modern colouring book canon, but also a great showcase of the great art that has donned the pages of Deadpool over the years.

Color Your Own Deadpool is published 19 January by Marvel

Post by Leo Sutherland

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