Graphic Novel Spotlight – Future Imperfect: Warzones!


In 1992, Peter David introduced Marvel fans to The Maestro: a twisted version of the Hulk from an alternate future that possesses all of Bruce Banner’s genius intellect but also possesses the more malevolent parts of the Hulk’s personality. His strength increased by the intense radiation from a nuclear war that had wiped out all of Earth’s heroes and having grown intensely bitter at his treatment by the world at large, The Maestro seized control of what remained of the planet and ruled with an iron fist. Through clashes with the Marvel Universe’s Hulk and Spider-Man 2099, The Maestro cemented himself as one the best known alternate universe characters in the Multiverse. It is fitting therefore that in the patchwork world of Battleworld, The Maestro’s domain should be revisited.

On Battleworld, the dictator of dystopia is a familiar face. THE MAESTRO rules but there are those who want him dethroned! What role does RUBY SUMMERS have in the plan for this dangerous rebellion? Have the rebels genuinely found ODIN, the father of THOR, as an ally against the Maestro?

As a Secret Wars tie-in, the series is a great accompaniment, as we get a look at one of the Battleworld leaders who wishes to overthrow Doctor Doom and seize control for themselves and also gives some background for events happening later in the main series. As a follow up to the original Future Imperfect, there is plenty to enjoy. Peter David easily slips back into writing The Maestro, demonstrating why Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect was such a huge hit back in the day. Maestro is the perfect dark reflection of the Hulk most readers are familiar with featuring several familiar aspects of the Hulk’s personality that in the wrong state of mind could lead to a horrific force to be reckoned with. Plenty of familiar aspects from the original return in this series including The Maestro World’s version of Rick Jones who had previously summoned the main Marvel Universe Hulk to try and overthrow the tyrant. Greg Land continues his frequent solid work for Marvel and in particular depicts and suitably depraved Maestro.

With plenty of nods to the original story and a great ending that will leave you shocked, this is a must-read amongst the many strong entries in the Secret Wars event.

Future Imperfect: Warzones! is published 5 January by Marvel

Post by Leo Sutherland

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