Graphic Novel Spotlight – Tsubasa: WoRLD CHRoNiCLE 1


One of the most popular manga/anime franchises of the 2000s returns as Tsubasa: World Chronicle makes its English language debut.

Following the events of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Syaoran parts ways with his true love Sakura in order to break the evil Fei-Wang Reed’s curse! Seemingly fated to wandering dimensions forever, Syaoran and his companions embark on a new journey after receiving precious items from Kimihiro Watanuki. The items having come at a heavy cost, Syaoran’s journey begins with the burden of Watanuki’s pain. Fortunately, he has his friends Fai and Kurogane, as well as the cheerful Mokona to help carry any burden and overcome any obstacle.

Originally released in 2004, Clamp’s Tsubasa series along with its sister series xxxHolic was one of the most popular manga franchises of its time period and introduced the work of the Clamp crew to a new generation of fans. Kodansha have since been returning the series to print in omnibus format after a period of dormancy. But it has been five years since Syaoran and company have been on any dimensional hopping adventures and this sequel series is long overdue. Newcomers are best starting off with the Tsubasa Chronicle Omnibuses as World Chronicle is a direct sequel. Any longtime Clamp fans will find plenty to enjoy as plenty of fan-favourite characters return from the previous series and Clamp’s distinct brand of storytelling that switches between cheerful to dark at the drop of a hat. Special points to the very depressing opening pages where Watanuki explains the price he had to pay to get the items Syaoran needs. Clamp’s wonderfully unique art style is also at top force as the psychedelic surrounding and distinctive character designs they are best known for are present and correct.

With xxxHolic: Rei currently being released and this new series starting, now is a great time to be a fan of Clamp. Newbies catch up as quickly as possible and long-time fans jump right in!

Tsubasa: WoRLD CHRoNiCLE 1 is published 17 December by Kodansha

Post by Leo Sutherland

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